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Whale Watching

Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching

Enjoy 3 hours at sea with expert naturalists and crew members in search for whales and dolphins in Faxaflói Bay.

3 Hours
What to expect
Meet us at our red and white ticket office in the Old Harbour in downtown Reykjavík where you will exchange your pre-paid voucher for admission tickets.
A few steps down the pier you will find our Visitor Centre facilitated on board a converted fishing vessel permanently placed by the pier. That is where you will be greeted by the crew. Have a look at our souvenir shop, warm up with a cup of coffee in our café or head downstairs in the hull of the boat and stroll through our wildlife exhibition; the only one of its kind in the world!
Onboard you will find several outdoor viewing platforms, an indoor saloon with large wide-range windows, a cafeteria where you can buy light refreshments, toilet facilities and a cloakroom where you can borrow our blankets and overalls for the duration of the tour.
You can stay outside in the fresh air but you are also welcome to settle inside the heated lounge and observe the views from within. Our excellent naturalists will give a commentary throughout and explain the sights and encounters as we go and the crew is happy to answer any questions you may have along the way!
The most common species encountered on our tours are the minke whales, humpback whales, white-beaked dolphins, and harbor porpoises. Occasionally we see other species such as killer whales, fin whales, sei whales, and long-finned pilot whales, although they are not as common.
The whales are most abundant in summer, giving us a great chance to enjoy and understand them in their natural environment while they are feeding on fish and krill near our shores, although each year continues to surprise us with the variety of wildlife we see in winter and our research shows that more and more whales are staying in the area year round!

Keep in mind:
This is a wildlife excursion and as such we can never guarantee or predict sightings of any kind, but in case we don't encounter any whales or dolphins, we will offer you a return ticket so you can join us again another day (within 2 years) for FREE! 
We reserve the right to alter routes and itineraries by sometimes sailing from other harbors, which could result in a slightly longer tour. If you are on a tight schedule we suggest you consult with our sales representatives.
If you are traveling in winter (Nov-Feb), we ask that you rather book our 'Reykjavík Winter Whale & Dolphin Watching' option for more details on our winter operation.
COMBO: Combine this activity with Puffin Watching or a Northern Lights Cruise! 

The safety and enjoyment of our passengers is our number one priority and therefore the tour could get canceled on short notice, depending on the weather and conditions at sea. In this case, we will try our best to contact you as soon as possible to let you know. Check our 'Whale Diary' in the hours leading up to your tour for any additional updates.
What's included?
  • Use of warm overalls 
  • Excellent guidance 
  • Free onboard WiFi
  • Access to our Whale Exhibition
What's NOT included?
  • Hotel transfer
  • Refreshments
What you should bring
Sturdy footwear 
Warm clothing (thermals, hat, scarf, and gloves)
Good to know
It's always colder on the water than on land so wear good sturdy shoes, dress warmly and put on the provided warm overalls when needed. 

For optimal viewing and a more enjoyable cruise, this tour is weather dependent. 

We abide by a Code of Conduct for responsible whale watching. Thus each encounter is on the animals' terms and distance may be kept to minimize disturbance.

Click here for more information on the cetacean you might expect to see on the tour.
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Reviews from other people

Fantastic experience , hump back whale gave us a fabulous show ! Very knowledgable guide and so passionate about the environment and well Being of whales


Great ethical company. Enthusiastic host. Lucky enough to see a minke and humpback whale. Great overalls that kept us warm. They moved away when other boats followed our 'spot'. Recommend this company.


A good company, there was a very good guide on the boat and they did their best to find a whale. They were successful and treated to the view of a humpback. Unfortunately, my motion sicknesses meds were not up to the challenge of this experience, and I spent a good bit of the trip on the bottom level throwing up. The ladies down there were extremely nice and helpful, but if you have trouble with motion sickness, I would give whale watching a miss! Also, I wore every layer of clothing I had but still availed myself of the insulated overalls that they provide - very helpful to cut the wind.

Dany Mii

The best company to go whale watching.
We've been in March and the weather was amazing. Megan was our guide for the day. I couldn't have asked for a better guide. She knew so much about Iceland and the ocean and the animals it was so interesting to listen to her. Very well organized trip.
We actually saw whales! But even if we didn't, I would totally recommend this company for you trip!

Railey Bailey

Excellent! Very knowledgeable guide, she gave us lots of in depth information about the whales, as well as what they do to conserve and study them.

I felt very safe for the whole duration of the trip. The boat was very sturdy and I felt the captain was in full control of the vessel.

We were incredibly lucky that day as there were quite a few whale, porpoise and minke sightings! It was very exciting!

Rosie Springett

We used this service for their Northern Lights tour and was lucky to see one of their best shows this winter. So informative for the couple of hours we were out there the staff were constantly telling us new information about the lights and Iceland. We might be biased because we saw such an amazing show but I would really recommend this company for Northern Lights tours!

Shaun Cooney

Great experience. We saw dolphins and whales. Very environmentally conscious. We were hoping to see some puffins.

Eduard Fraile

I went on both whale-watching and northern lights tours. Their boats are spacious and comfortable, so even if there is a lot of people you do not really feel it. They also provide pills in case you feel sick on the sea, and my guides were nice and willing to explain any facts and answer any questions!

Our experience on our ATV tour was excellent!!

We were so very happy with our tour guide who made the experience fun while still educating us on interesting facts along our tour and even shared some suggestions for where we should go next.

We took MANY pictures along the way and would be happy to share.

I would definitely recommend this experience to a friend. We had a lot of fun and definitely got wet wet, but the cold is easily mitigated by the suits and gloves.

It was cancelled due to a large storm that morning. The manager was very apologetic and we were given the option of an atv tour or refund. Although we were disappointed we know the weather can't be controlled (especially in Iceland!!!) The day manager made it very easy and simple to receive a refund and we carried on with our tour. The rest of the tour was fantastic!!! The driver was great and the guide was informative and funny.