Traveler Story: It Takes Nine People to Lift a Yaris

by Rúnar Þór Sigurbjörnsson
Created: 18. May 2016
(Updated: 01. Feb 2017)

An experience sent to us by an Iceland traveler.

In one of my many adventures in Iceland this past summer I was hitch-hiking out to Sólheimasandur to see the plane crash. A nice young traveler picked me up and offered me a ride down the beach. As we were driving we noticed the signs to our left and right imploring us to stay on the rocky trail that was laid out for us. Now, I don't know what was going through this guys head but all of the sudden he goes, "I've driven on dicey terrains before! I'm going to take us off this bumpy road."

We were okay for a while, until the terrain turned from dirt to sand and within seconds the front of this Toyota Yaris began to sink. In a panic I jumped from the car and attempted to push it backwards as he frantically fiddled with the wheel while yelling "Oh God, this is a rental, I'm FU$%&#"

As we were desperately trying to save this car two giant jeeps pulled up on the road, 8 men got out and we all LIFTED the Yaris back onto the path. Without getting the chance to thank them they all returned to their car and drove off into the foggy abyss.

I don't think there's another story about hitch-hiking ending like this.

-Kayleigh O'Hara


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