Keeping up with the Kattarshians: Live stream of kittens on Icelandic TV

Arnar Stefánsson

1 min read

The newest addition to television in Iceland is a band of kittens from a local animal shelter made to live together in a dollhouse along with three "hidden" cameras. Icelanders are going absolutely nuts over this welcome new addition to Icelandic television. People tune in to get a break from the dreaded news of reality to just spectate the wonderfully simplistic life of kittens. They have been named Guðni, Ronja, Briet, and Stubbur (Stubbur meaning short, because of his short tail).


Stubbur, keeping it realStubbur, keeping it realBríet, named after the first woman to enter the Icelandic parliamentBríet, named after the first woman to enter the Icelandic parliamentGuðni, the biggest cat in the dollhouseGuðni, the biggest cat in the dollhouseRonja, the hungriest oneRonja, the hungriest one


The kittens all got adopted one week into the stream and are getting ready to meet their new families, but while they prep for their journey - a new set of kittens are ready to become the new reality stars.

You can view the stream on the Icelandic website Nútíminn as well as here below. A friendly warning though, upon opening this link you might find yourself thinking about your life choices and how on earth you could spend several hours watching kittens living live in an oversized and fully decorated dollhouse.