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Updated: 20. Aug 2018 |3 min read

So, sometimes Icelanders like to have a little chuckle about some of the questions that tourists ask both in person and online, it's also rather amusing for them to see what people are searching online in regards to Iceland.

I checked to see what people were searching, and boy was they both hilarious and confusing (I think that is the most appropriate word).

Below I have selected my favorites, in terms of humor value and also some I believe should be answered correctly. I have also answered said questions, so there should be no more... confusion... 


Are there polar bears in Iceland?

Unfortunately not.

Well, sometimes... they drift over on ice from Greenland! But in general, no there are not polar bears.


What language do Icelanders speak?

That would be Icelandic (the 3rd most difficult language in the world!). Though Icelanders are equally adept at English as they are taught it from a very young age, television isn't dubbed and Iceland had a U.S. army present here for many years. Some Icelanders may also be very fluent in Danish as this is taught from a young age (though many forget).  



Is Iceland A Real Country?



I have read this question 10 times over and still, I am so confused by it...


What percentage of Iceland is covered by glaciers?

The answer would be 11% of Iceland's total area (Around 100,00km2). In fact, Iceland is home to the biggest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull. It is around 2110m high at its peak and covers an area roughly between 8100. and 8300 It is roughly around 1000m thick at it's thickest point. 



In Iceland, if my father's name was Tómas, and I was a boy, what would my last name be?

Gandalf, the son of Tom! Just kidding, it would be 'Tómasson' and if the person was female then their name would be 'Tómasdóttir'.


Is Iceland an island?

It is a floating spaceship that was left behind after the alien invasion in 1802...

Yes, of course, it is an island and interestingly enough Iceland in Icelandic is 'Ísland'!


Why did I not see the Northern Lights in Iceland?

We pay a man to sit at a desk and flick the on and off switch every night... Sometimes he falls asleep and forgets...

No, unfortunately, there is no on and off switch for the northern lights! But that would be pretty cool! 

Northern lights appear when solar particles enter the earth's magnetic field at high atmosphere. It's important to remember that the Northern Lights are very rare as solar activity is not regular. This makes it impossible for there to be a guarantee that you will see the Northern lights even if there is a clear night. 

So have some patience and, hopefully, mother nature will treat you kindly. 


Do Icelanders believe in elves and trolls?

Of course! Who doesn't? 

I'm toying with you. There is only a small amount of Icelanders (if any) that do believe in elves and trolls. If an Icelander tells you they do believe in them, then there is a very high chance they're just pulling your leg!



Where do Icelanders live?

Okay... I'm going to avoid the obvious answer of 'Iceland' and dig deeper into the question

1) They live in regular houses, just like you

2) 60% of the population lives in the Reykjavík capital area

There is a very high demand for housing in Iceland, which has led to a lot of people house-sharing, living with their parents until they're in their late 20's and even garages and basements being turned into apartments. Rent is extremely high, and for a 1 bedroom apartment, you could be expected to pay up to as much as 180,000 ISK (around €1450) a month.

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