Iceland in Winter

Iceland Car Rental

21. Aug 2019 (Updated: 18. Oct 2019)
A comprehensive guide for everything you need to know when renting a car in Iceland
25. Jan 2019 (Updated: 18. Oct 2019)
26 ideas, activities and more you can do on your Icelandic journey. Glacier expeditions, helicopter tours, caving and hundreds of other activities. Adventure awaits!

Northern Lights in Iceland | The Ultimate Guide

16. Feb 2016 (Updated: 08. Oct 2019)
3 min read
Where to find the Northern Lights in Iceland? What are the Northern Lights? See the live forecast and much more in this guide for your answers on Icelandic Northern Lights.

Renting A Car During Winter In Iceland

18. Dec 2018 (Updated: 24. Jan 2019)
7 min read
The positives and negatives of visiting and renting a car in Iceland during the winter season. Tips for budget, experience and safety!

What To Pack For Iceland This Winter

30. Oct 2017 (Updated: 31. Oct 2017)
2 min read
Are you coming to Iceland this winter? Not sure what to bring with you? Well below I will make some recommendations on what to bring with you. Remember this is ...

Reykjavík City Goes Dark for the Northern Lights

02. Feb 2017
0 min read
Sunday the 5th of February 2017 at 21:00 - 22:00 (9pm - 10pm) Reykjavík City will turn off the lights in central Reykjavík to celebrate the Winter Lights Festival.

The Northern Lights were Spectacular in the Icelandic sky yesterday

29. Sep 2016 (Updated: 01. Feb 2017)
0 min read
The northern lights are one of nature’s great displays, a mysterious multi-colored light show in the sky which seemlingly appear out of nowhere. Once thou...