Icelandic Trivia

How To Become Icelandic In 60 Minutes

04. Dec 2017 (Updated: 04. Dec 2017)
0 min read
How to become Icelandic in 60 minutes is written, directed and performed by some of Iceland's most popular comedians and actors. One of the creators...

A Quick And Easy Guide To Icelandic

14. Sep 2017 (Updated: 14. Sep 2017)
5 min read
A quick guide on basic Icelandic, including pronunciations and spelling.

Top Searches About Iceland

14. Dec 2017 (Updated: 14. Dec 2017)
3 min read
So sometimes Icelanders like to have a little chuckle about some of the questions that tourists ask both in person and online, it's also rather amusing for them to see what people are searching online in regards to Iceland.

What do Icelanders speak?

23. Oct 2015 (Updated: 23. Oct 2015)
2 min read
If you mean content then we mostly talk about ourselves, how fresh our water is, how clean our air is, how strong our men are, how beautiful our women are or ho...

Icelandic Elves and Hidden People

20. Jun 2016 (Updated: 20. Jun 2016)
5 min read
People often associate the belief in elves with Icelanders and it is a well-known fact that we've had problems with some constructions when getting too clo...