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We did a puffin tour followed by a whale tour. There were a ton of puffins at the end of June and we could see them clearly on the island and flying past. Our guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and funny. For whales we got to see three of the four common types (didn't see a humpback whale). Almost all of the whales and dolphins end up near the front of the boat. The top front was packed so we braved the waves and went to the lower deck and had great views of the animals. The day we went out was calm and sunny so it was a delight to be on the water. I recommend this company and just know that you need to be in the front from the start and you will deal with pushy people.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime tour that I personally think you CANNOT MISS!!! You can even get MARRIED THERE!!!! Who knew!!!???? You are taken care of from the min the tour begins to the very end. They supply you with warm gear if you are not quite dressed for the tour and provide boot covers to keep your feet warm. This in itself was brilliant because you don't always have the proper footwear and certainly don't want to continue your journey with anything wet. They were accommodating to a little girl who was getting some motion sickness as well. I cannot say enough about this tour! EXCELLENT!!!!!

Into The Glacier was a great experience , we leaned a lot about a glacier to how they form and their purpose. It was great going on top of the Glacier and then going inside! I would highly recommend.

Into The Glacier was a great experience , we leaned a lot about a glacier to how they form and their purpose. It was great going on top of the Glacier and then going inside! I would highly recommend.

Amazing experience
Probably you make this tour just once in a life time. Nice and instructive. Clear explanations by nice guide.

My daughter and I booked this tour. Originally we were supposed to go on snowmobile, but the weather was not conducive. The company contacted us many times to give us options on tours and times and worked to book us on a classic tour, going up the a large ice vehicle. The experience was great. Our guide was very knowledgeable and what we learned about Icelandic glaciers and the geology of the area was fantastic. I would book this tour again if I came back with those that hadn’t been to Iceland previously.

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Best experience ever!
This was an amazing experience. I had the best hot dog ever in Reykjavík. The selection of bars is perfect. From spicy cocktails, snaps and shark to the best dancing places, they definitely know how to have fun and how to make your visit unforgettable. Highly recommended!

This was an amazing tour of such spectacular scenery. It was great to be able to see the Golden Circle highlights and part of the south coast in one day. The Gray Line tour guide was excellent and the day was very well planned out.

This trip was amazing!

Trip lasted full day but because there was plenty of stops it flew in.

Best stops were geysir & gulfoss water fall.

Our tour guide was Italian, can’t remember his name unfortunately but he was great, very friendly & informative.

Bus was also very comfortable & plenty leg room.

Thank you for a great day!

We truly enjoyed this tour with my friends! We were staying in Vík for one night and were unsure of what tour to take from the area because we were not driving. We booked on Troll website. We were very surprised to be picked up by a supertruck. We felt VIP because we never do things so adventurous and fancy at all. Our guide was nice and hilarious! The views were unbelievable going there and we felt always safe. We received an email after the tour to check on us, which was very nice :) A completely VIP Experience organized by Troll

I booked 2 tours with Troll and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! It was my partner's birthday trip and lucky me, I had chosen the BEST TOUR COMPANY! Initially, I was booked for a glacier walk + ice cave, but because of the windy weather, it was canceled on the day before. They suggested me Ice Cave by Katla and it was one of the best tours I ever been! The ice cave is big and pretty. We were lucky that our guide decides for taking us inside the cave after the "main cave". It was an adventure crawling on the floor in the dark and then sliding on the snow outside like kids. Amazing guide, a lot of information about all the nature over there and very fun/adventure tour. TOTALLY RECOMMEND AND I CAN'T WAIT TO GO AGAIN AND CHECK OTHER TOURS WITH TROLL. :)

The trip to Kayla glacier was amazing and one of the best days of our trip to Iceland. The off-road journey to the glacier was great fun and the cave itself was special. Our guide was knowledgeable and engaging and added to the experience! Would recommend this type of trip to anyone visiting the island!

My parnter and I visited Iceland for the first time recently and this was a real highlight of the trip. The ice cave is truly stunning, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the whole excursion was a lot of fun!

Just a fantastic trip with Vala. I have spent a really good day with Vala and I am the only tourist with her. The glacier hiking is spectacular and all the waterfalls are amazing. During the tour, Vala told me a lot of things about Iceland, she made the tour so interesting.

This was a really great tour, experiencing such special places of Iceland. Our very nice Norwegian guide was experienced and helpful.

It was one of the best moments of our life which we would never forget as Mr Jon took care of us like a special guest .He was really a fabulous human being we ever met. The best part was we enjoyed every sight seeing with him as he educated us about the place history and the true culture of Icelander.Viral Shah India

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From all the touristic attractions, we found this one as one of the best. We highly recommend it.
Even though the weather was very bad, our guide Jessica managed to make it a very enjoyable hike. She is skilled and very knowledgeable that we decided to put a review for the first time just to thank her for this beautiful experience .
Thank you Jessica.
Sabine & Antoine

Just finished our glacier hike and ice cave tour with Boris that we only booked the night before. We loved it. It was chilled and informative and we enjoyed it very much as a couple. Boris is attentive to the group and there are so many amazing views (and thus photo opportunities!)

ery friendly and professional Samantha was able to explain everything with details about the Glacier Skaftafell hike how to walk and how to use the equipment correctly, me and my group we really enjoyed this experience very much and also visiting the Ice cave.

We just finished our experience with a big smile and this will be an incredible memory.

Thank you Samantha for being our great guide, was nice to have conversations with you!

I really raccomand this great experience!

Wake Up Reykjavik has been a solid company to work with. Since booking, April has done an excellent job in communicating everything I need to know to get to where I needed to be. Our tour guide was Daniel. This was a great experience, because it did not feel so much like a tour, but just some people out for drinks. We went to 4 separate bars. The beers were delicious and the bars chosen were great. The "sample" size in Iceland was a bit more than I was expecting which was a nice surprise. Daniel had a great knowledge of the beer history and was very open to questions. Overall awesome experience from the company all around.

Best Bar Crawl in Reykjavik!
Had so much fun on the Wake Up Reykjavik bar crawl!! All of the included bars and clubs were really cool and unique and the drinks were great. We had a really great group and mix of different people and even after the bar crawl ended, we all stayed together and partied the rest of the night. Thanks to Egill for being an awesome host and making sure we had a great time. I went as a solo traveler and it was a great way to make friends. Would do it again in a heartbeat!!

We had so much fun on our food tour with Agnes. We were able to visit many of the restaurants that we wanted to try on our trip, all in one night. We had delicious fish, lamb soup, the famous Icelandic hot dog with all the trimmings, cheese, cured meats and rye bread ice cream. Agnes was a wonderful host and she was very knowledgeable about Icelandic food and Iceland. We had a very good time walking around Reykjavik and hearing her stories. She is a pop star and her music was playing in the bar we visited to sample Icelandic beer. I would highly recommend this tour.

We did a good tour with Agnes, it isn’t everyday that you get an actual musician to show off her home town and food. We had a great time and the food was all really good. The fish, meat and cheese and the hot dog and ice cream were all very good. Agnes is very proud of her beautiful country and is very in touch with the local scene. She gave us a surprise treat at the end of the tour. She was a great host. She even gave us tips on the local music scene. You must do this tour.

Eyglo walked us through town with 5 very different types of restaurants. This was a great way to kick off our vacation as we quickly learned what types of food we like. Eyglo made sure there was a great vibe throughout our time with the group and couldn’t have asked for a better food tour. Cheers.

We took two back to back day tours with Your Day Tour. Gusti was our guide for the South Coast Tour and he was simply amazing. We lucked out with good weather that day so he made some extra stops that were not on the itinerary including the Sólheimajökull. It was a long day but we saw a lot and had plenty of time at each stop without feeling rush. I highly recommend Your Day Tour. Their vans are really comfortable too. You will not regret it!

I really enjoyed this tour, despite it raining quite hard throughout the whole day! The stops were breathtaking and so unique. Our guide Bjorn was fantastic. He was funny and fun and his love of Iceland showed throughout the whole tour.

Just finished a wonderful day with Sif on a journey to the southern most city in Iceland We saw waterfalls Walked behind waterfalls Walked to a glacier. And learned so much history and culture about Iceland. The stops allowed plenty of time for each experience without being rushed. Plenty of time for snacks, lunch, and bathrooms. Then the ride home with soft Icelandic music, drink and snack! Wow Thank you, Sif.

I took the Southern Route tour from Busta travel with Julia. Not only have i taken many single day trips in different places around the world i myself am a former tour guide and professor of world history. So in that context let me say Julia did a wonderful job! She has all the skills necessary to be a great guide.

We got to see so much! My highlight was the glacier as I had never walked on one before. The waterfalls were impressive and the black sand beaches gorgeous. The shapes lava can take on are endless.

Had a really nice time one the Sailing boat out of Husavik, even got to help put up the sails which was a treat. Got a great view of the whales they came really close to the ship was a truly enjoyable experience. The crew were lovely explained lots about the whales and provided Hot Chocolate and cinnamon buns on the way back to help keep us warm.