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Lotus Car Rental, a local, family-owned Icelandic company, offers a wide range of reliable vehicles. Known for their five-star customer service, they ensure a memorable trip for tourists. Booking Lotus through Northbound guarantees a seamless process, best prices, and excellent local customer support. With Northbound, you're not just renting a car, you're gaining a partner committed to making your Icelandic adventure unforgettable.


592 total reviews

592 reviews for Lotus Car Rental

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Submitted 21. Nov 2022
Booking through Northbound was very easy. Pickup, paperwork and car handover at Lotus was a breeze. The staff didn't try to foist lots of add-ons onto me and gave me lots of handy hints and info that I had never been given before (in the four previous times I have rented a car in Iceland). The car was the model promised and was as expected. Returning the car was just as simple.
Lee rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 15. Nov 2022
I loved booking with Northbound from Italy, but I highly recommend to check insurance prices too. Our car company, Lotus car rentals was great and I really appreciated their help in choosing an insurance! Moreover, Gregory, an employee of Lotus Car Rental has been very helpful with guides, advice etc. for Iceland. Thank you!!!
Letizia rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 15. Nov 2022
The staff were super friendly and efficient. I called when we landed as we were early and they advised me that a driver was already on their way to collect us. Once we got there, the check in service was quick and well explained. We were handed information on the rules of the road and advice. The car was great! Nice an compact 4X4, great for the amount of driving we did. It was easy to drive and the heated seats were a perfect addition in the cold weather. Dropping it off, we received the same great customer service. Catching up about our trip and sharing stories. The car was checked over and the rental closed.
Liana rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 15. Nov 2022
Everything was great. From the customer and shuttle service to the car. Everything went flawless and we had a great time. Will definitely use again.
Omar rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 16. Nov 2022
Very good
Charles rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 06. Nov 2022
Hi Ivar - This was our first trip to Iceland. After landing at the airport, we went to the rental car area but could not find Lotus. I asked a representative with Avis if they knew where we could find Lotus but they did not know. I then asked a person holding a sign if they were with Lotus. He was not and told us that we should call them which I did and the Lotus rep. got us a short while later. It would have been helpful to us if we were given a text message stating that we need to call Lotus after we get off the plane. We discovered that Google maps did not work on our cell phones and needed to rent a portable WiFi device which worked intermittently only. It would be very helpful if the rental cars had navigation systems since we did not know our way around especially since it was dark when we arrived. Thanks for the opportunity to share our thoughts.
John rented a vehicle in November 2022
Submitted 04. Nov 2022
We arrived at the airport exit one hour early. They were short on staff at the evening on saturday but nevertheles managed to complete the pickup in less than 45 minutes. The staff was friendly, the car model was the same as booked (only red instead of grey but we actually prefered it :-). The inspection was quick and they were fair, not trying to charge us for damage, despite taking only the most basic insurance. It was comftorable enough for 5 people, and handled good. The drop off with the ride to the airport took only 15 min.
Primoz rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 28. Oct 2022
Akos rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 07. Dec 2022
The car was really comfortable and easy to drive. The climate control worked well and the heated steering wheel was great as I was in and out of the car quite often as I drove around. After I got used to how the hybrid worked I was able to cut the fuel consumption a little also. It performed well on paved and dirt roads, although it was not really great on the little bit of snow I went across, as it was not quite as high as some 4x4s and the tires not as wide as some. I was surprised there was not a frost scraper in the car, I had to buy one myself.
Scott rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 22. Oct 2022
Robert rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 29. Oct 2022
Diane rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 17. Oct 2022
Alessandro rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 18. Oct 2022
Employees where super nice an helpful especially Mikel, the manager I do believe extremely nice guy an helpful! Everything was painless easy would use again!
Alexander rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 09. Oct 2022
The car was ideal for the trip. We had plenty of room for our luggage, and the high beam assist, and cruise control made the longer drives from desitinations at night stress free. The team at Lotus was awesome! Super friendly staff when we arrived and they kindly answered all of our questions and made us feel confident when we left with our rental. The WiFi hot spot made our trip so much better-no expensive phone charges from our carriers when we needed directions, or a spot to get some food.
Kelley rented a vehicle in October 2022
Submitted 13. Oct 2022
The Dacia Duster was a great rental car and the price was also excellent but the customer service attitude from Lotus Car Rental was not an experience that made for an enjoyable trip. Despite the fact we that all was well in the end, they really put us on edge about any possible damage to the rental car and did not allow us adequate time to inspect the vehicle at pickup. The first car they gave us got a Service Engine light the second day so we had to switch it out for another vehicle. They handled the switch easily but we weren’t treated very kindly when we called about the problem initially. With so many options we will choose another rental company if we return in the future even if it’s more expensive.
Benton rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 11. Oct 2022
Car was great, service was great. Collection and drop off of car was quick and easy. Found the cheapest rate online using northnound.
Kristel joy rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 03. Oct 2022
All went well, except: We were tight on time so I returned the car without a full tank so we wouldn't be late, assuming we'd just be charged market fuel rates (based on experience with other rental companies). But the attendant explained they don't have fuel onsite, and so that's a big problem for them. We worked it out (I took it away to refill and brought it back), but maybe Lotus can get fuel onsite & have the option to just charge for the refuel like others do? Condition: 3.5 is because the car had no hubcaps. Doesn't really bother me, but was a little surprising.
Robert rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 04. Oct 2022
It's an ok car for F roads, not so solid comfortable but ok. Economic car. The driver safe belt has some small issue which you need to pull it really slowly or sometimes need adjust the level because it gets stucked.
Olti rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 02. Oct 2022
A perfect car for our trip, Perfect handling when taken over and handed over.
Hans-gunter rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 27. Sep 2022
Everything was great
Thalia monserrat rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 02. Oct 2022
The Jeep Renegade became a trustworthy and reliable companion on our Iceland trip, I've always felt safe and comfortable throughout the entire journey and the service from Lotus was flawless, if I really had to point out something was that we had to wait a bit for the pick up at the airport, but I called the company and they answered me right away reassuring me staff was on their way to pick us up.
Letizia rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 26. Sep 2022
The Toyota Highlander was great and we had great service !from the staff at Lotus
Cynthia rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 23. Sep 2022
Very good overall experience. Transfer from and to airport was smooth and fast. Very good, friendly customer service. Car was in really good condition. Well done Lotus Car Rental Team. Will definitely use your service again
Radoslaw rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 27. Sep 2022
really creat service! we return our car at 2 at night and still get shuttle bus to airport.
Tong rented a vehicle in September 2022
Submitted 19. Oct 2022
Hi, I had a great time in Iceland. The only thing that I would recommend you to do is to send a message or reassure that the person who is about to pay for the rental car is aware of the specific insurance that he needs. I had a misunderstanding with that, it could have been less stressefull if I have checked the insurance again before getting to the rental office.
Yonathan rented a vehicle in September 2022

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