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Submitted 30. May 2019
Had a blast with the Hot Golden Tour, and felt we got all of Iceland in a nutshell! In addition to it the guide was knowledgeable and friendly, and mixed the historical and geographic facts with enough of quirky fun facts to keep it entertaining the whole trip!
Erlend ks rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
We did the Glacier Lagoon tour with Stefan as our guide. He was charming and very knowledgeable of the local attractions along the way and some folklore stories.
He even "arranged" for a lovely weather, both when we got to the Waterfall on a snowstorm and a lovely sunny afternoon when we reached the Lagoon and the Lava beach.
It's a whole-day trip but well worth it.
I highly recommend it for getting to see a bit more outside Reykjavik.
Mari yian rented a vehicle
Submitted 30. May 2019
I went on a day-tour to Jökulsárlón. Not only were the landscape and the attractions where we stopped just wonderful - our tour guide Ian did an excellent job. This tour is long, but a very good choice, absolutely recommendable!
Eduard fraile rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
Our guide Eleanora was the best! She was so funny, sweet, and helpful. Very patient and thorough. Explained everything that would happen before and answered any and all questions. Made everyone feel very comfortable. Also took great pictures during the tour. Would definitely recommended the Silfra Diving Tour, and Eleanora in particular!
Erica rensing rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
Awesome team. Very patient and accommodating. Their gear is very good. I will definitely dive with them in my next visit.
Juan pablo barbosa rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
We had a fantastic experience. Our guide, Deyan, was extremely professional and fun. This was an experience we will never forget! Also, for people afraid of being too cold, we were not cold. Not at all. The dry suits were not difficult to put on, and they functioned perfectly to keep us very comfortable. Highly recommend Dive. IS!
Ann terry rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Unfortunately due to strong winds our first date was cancelled (safety always first) everything was done to fit us in as our schedule was tight for free time to book us back in. we did our tour 2 days after with Jonas-such a great guy! From start to finish he made us feel safe and comfortable but made sure we had an epic time in and out the water. He was very thorough making sure our equipment was 100% for each individual. Took great photos of us as a family and the whole thing was very chilled and we weren't rushed at all. Communication with questions etc was also very quick and professional.

Definitely use these guys and 100% do this incredible bucket list thing! You won't go home disappointed.
Kaz read rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
We bought walking and climbing tour with them. The guide named Pete is super friendly and nice. He gives us a lot of info. Small group only 5 people. We all enjoyed the tour. Really recommend
Chanpen teeranon rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
This trip was amazing. So exciting, fun, educational and breathtaking. It is a trip everyone should do at least once. This trip has inspired me to want to do more.
The guides are true experts - Hendrick was amazing - to be and to tell you stories, folk lore, trackable markers. Show you real inside views and to be make you feel like friends during the hike.
The hike:
It isn't short, nor is it a walk in the park but it also isn't impossible. It is definitely worth it. The views you see, the humbling you feel when you are on the glacier and feel the cold strong winds, to feel the ice to see the clarity of such dense solid ice.
If you visit Iceland take a hike on a glacier and go with them.
Larry cosentino rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
A wonderful guided tour. Pete took amazing care of our group while teaching us a lot about the park.
Sean brady rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
We hiked up the glacier with Till, he was an amazing guide, he took the time to make sure everyone was safe and enjoying the hike. He also took us to some very cool places on the glacier.
Samantha bewley rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
Careful what you wish for! If you're up for a tiny bit more intense experience, these guys will play along and make you go that extra mile. I did the glacier walk and ice climbing tour with "T" and had the best time!! Not only did we laugh basically the whole time but he was very knowledgeable about pretty much everything about the glacier, fauna, flora, sciency stuff... Very passionate and contageous! Man did we romance that wall!!
Stéphanie ley. rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
Can be hard to find out among warehouses, but a lovely place with lots of free samples and helpful staff (they'll be sure to warn you what's got licorice in it). They're currently selling a geometric chocolate bunny, a collaboration with an artist.
Anton shuster rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
I had a very nice conversation with the staff, it is friendly and answers questions. We love this chocolate. Next time in Iceland we will come back again.
Kathrin rilling rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
A great learning experience AND a chance to enjoy the chocolate. Kyle our chocolate ambassador was very entertaining and educational. Loved it!
Debbie smith rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
A great place to visit. Ambitious passionate chocolate producers that makes a great product.
Henk somers rented a vehicle
Submitted 24. Jun 2019
Super friendly and helpful staff. Who helped to ensure that I purchased an interesting and delicious selection of chocolate.

I did not take the tour. But I did get to sample everything in the shop and even took advantage of the Buy 3 Get 1 free deal!
Adrian ng rented a vehicle
Submitted 19. Jul 2019
Definitely one of the must dos when you go to visit Iceland! The staff was amazing & the experience was unforgettable. Cannot say enough good things!
Allison mcintosh rented a vehicle
Submitted 19. Jul 2019
Fantastic day out. Great guides. Great cars. Great fun
James layfield rented a vehicle
Submitted 19. Jul 2019
So much fun and stunning scenery
Claire rented a vehicle
Submitted 19. Jul 2019
Awesome time, went there for a bachelor party, it adds to the fun if it rains.
Hilmir guðlaugsson rented a vehicle
Submitted 19. Jul 2019
Buggy Extra around the city. Great fun, great clean buggy, November was quiet so it was a private tour for the same price. Mount your roll cage camera and roll on. Next time, Golden Circle on the buggy! All equipment is provided. You can come in t-shirts and shorts!
Alan chan rented a vehicle