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I would suggest to improve the pick up from the airport I had to wait for your employee more than 1 hour and I had to call your company twice whitout receving updates.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2017 Dacia Duster

The guys we met at Nordic late at night were very friendly and most helpful.
The car's windscreen wipers however were damaged to the point of being dangerous as 10 miles down the road when it rained I could hardly see where I was going at 12.30 at night. When I reported the problem at the drop off I was told that it was my job to fix it and claim for a new set of wipers when I dropped it off. I feel that it would be better if this was checked before a customer finds out too late!
The car also had no rear wiper at all.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2013 Dacia Duster


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2016 Suzuki Jimny

We have received a standard category service from Lagoon. The car was in good condition and the procedure was fast. We haven't had any problems, so I don't know if the attention would have been good. I must make an observation: I do not understand the reason why the cost of renting a standard roof box is 430 euros, when you can buy it in a store for less than 100 euros. It seems abusive.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2017 KIA Sorento

The vehicle was good and the staff was friendly, however they did not offer great insurance plans.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2015 Suzuki Grand Vitara

The Suzuki Grand Vitara + Roof Tent was perfect for our needs and we did not have any issues with the car during our trip. However, our experience with Icerental 4x4 was less than ideal. The shuttle from the airport to the car rental office was 1 hour late. While we were waiting in the airport I sent an email requesting the shuttle and we were informed the shuttle arrives at the airport every 20 minutes, which was untrue and unhelpful. In addition, we were charged for wind damages to the door car in the amount of $1,126, which, while we accept responsibility for the damages, seems excessive given the damages. In addition, we purchased the additional Super Collision Damage insurance, which turned out to be useless for us as it did not cover wind damage. We are waiting for proof of repair costs and are hopeful the Icerental 4x4 will continue to be communicative, despite our less than pleasant experiences with them while in Iceland...


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2015 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Free Cancellation & Amendments

Not as comfy car as we are used to renting but served the purpose and had plenty of room for luggage and 4 people and a few groceries. Somewhat utilitarian and noisy inside while driving.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2017 Citroen Berlingo

Sadly our experience wasn‘t the best- we had to wait and make phone calls to get the camper, there were stone damages in the front window, but no park heating as booked and no cutlery.
The sleeping bags an the blankets were good. Also the car itself (driving, engine, power).


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2018 Ford Transit Connect Camper

It was okay, except for the problems we had the first day with the battery and the gas levels. We phoned several times and the first time we phoned the person who took the phone was very rude and didn't want to help us. The rest of them very well. The car and the transportation to and from the airport was als okay.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2017 Dacia Duster

This was an okay option to use. However Thrifty was not that easy to return the car before the time that they open at 5 am. I sent them an email to confirm, but they still have not responded to verify.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2017 Citroen Berlingo

It wasn't good , i didn't reacived the car that i rent .... In the first day i got a manuel car and after that ant automtic 4x4 old car


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2019 and rented a 2018 Hyundai Tucson

In general the car we got was good, we didnt had any flat tiers or unnecesary stops.
However there where several things which dissapointed us, fisrt there was a problem with the fuel meter and we were afraid the car wont have enouth fuel even though we kept refuling it. Thats not a giant issue but no one told us about it in the rental company, we had to discover it by ourselfs. Second thing was our back door who just never remaind steel while we opend it which was dissapointing because we where planing on sitting in the back of the car which was impssoble.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2013 Dacia Duster

The car was in poor condition for a vehicle supposedly less than 2 years old. The body work had very many scratches and chips with a crack on the front spoiler which we had to point out on collection. The seats in the car showed a great deal of wear ( much worse than my 9 year old car with135000 miles on the clock!) they had to be cleaned again before we took the car as they were muddy,
The car itself performed well but we were left feeling dissatisfied as in all the years we have rented cars we have never been given one in such poor condition. When the condition of the car was pointed out the staff member didn’t seem to be bothered, not even apologising for the state of the seats


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2017 KIA Cee'd Sportswagon

La voiture était propre mais :
L'agence n a pas de monnaie pour paiement en espèces
Voiturier pas aimable et pas disponible pour nous expliquer les choses correctement
Le second responsable de l'agence sentait l alcool très fort !
Voiture : roue de secours usée jusqu'au témoin, suspension à mon avis usée, volant qui vibte tres fort à 70 km/h, consommation excessive
Nous avons du payer +de 50 euros pour 6 heures de location en.plus (restitution prévue à 23h et nous l avons rendu à 5h)


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2013 Suzuki Jimny

First of all at the arrival we got a different car, because the Suzuki Gran Vitara was not available. Anyway it was not bad because we got a Hyundai Tucson. The car had a strong perfume of something used as a sort of spray to clean the car, but after a few minutes we understood that it was meant to cover a very very bad smell that was in the car. Like something was poured out and removed, but the smell was still there. That was a very annoying issue because it is not acceptable to rent a car in this status, most of all when you have to drive long distances. Anyway, the worst thing was the attempt to cover the issue and cheat the customer. We contacted the Nothbound Customer Service (very responsive and kind) but Icerental never tried to get in touch with us.
Only positive remark was that we got a refund of 10% at the end.

In summary the experience with Icerental 4x4 was bad, they were not at all professional and trustworthy...


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2015 Suzuki Grand Vitara

The car was fantastic, great car. But....we got the car with a very bad smell ..maybe dog urine or similar. We did not notice because it might have been vented but we had to keep venting the car for days, This really was not good at all. The car was not completely clean when we got it, looks that they were in a hurry to get it ready for us. A clean and not smelly car would have made all the difference.


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2018 Subaru Outback

Free Cancellation & Amendments

When we arrived to Keflavik rental agent told us that there is problem with roof box that they cannot attach it to Toyota RAV4 even if they have it as option on Northbound and also on their website. I also sent an email to them 2 days before arriving to ask if it´s everything okay with car and if it is prepared with roofbox. Reply was: "Car is okay". So we were expecting what we booked. We were offered Dacia Duster. That was just a big joke because you cannot compare Toyota to Dacia. Only because we say that we cannot accept Dacia and noticed that on the end of cars there was Nissan Patrol we got better car. It was old model but served well and we managed to get everywhere.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2016 Toyota RAV4

I rented a Suzuki from 2015, but got one from 2013 with already 128800 km. Day 11 the engine was overheating because of a broken cooling belt. Lucky we were close to the town Egilsstadir. The person from Northern Lights Car rental gave us a good phone support. The car was quickly repaired en redelivered. If this had happened two days earlier in Kerlingjarfjöll, it would have been terrible. So we were very lucky, not ?
We read on their site : Opening hours
In Keflavik we are open 24/7
This was not the case. We had to choose the hour of return.
So we were very surprised about this.


Traveled to Iceland in Aug 2018 and rented a 2015 Suzuki Jimny

Average experience as we got a faulty tyre and the tyre was punctured. Luckily, we were not stranded but I want to ask why isn't a spare tyre provided.

Why is the breakdown service provided not willing to handle flat tyre situation? They asked us to get it repaired, in ideal case there should have been a spare tyre or atleast a breakdown vehicle for our rescue.


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2014 Hyundai i30

We got a Dustia Duster with a flat tire that has been Repair with pins. It wasn't safe and the owner of our cabin saw that and connected you so you'll change our jeep to another one.
It wasted our time so our experience wasn't that nice. We paid our best money and didn't expected to get a jeep in this condition. Beyond that the shuttle was good and everyone were very nice.

Shalom Yaron

Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2018 Dacia Duster

Our experience was ok with this rental company. Communications with the company prior to arrival were good. They were clear about what we needed to do, fast to respond and it was easy to adjust our booking by email. We did not have a great experience getting our car at the beginning of the trip. Pick up took a long time and was quite hectic as there were a lot of customers waiting on the shuttle bus from the airport. We arrived and picked up our baggage just before 9am and did not actually leave the rental place until close to noon, which was quite frustrating. We would have appreciated more communication, politeness and organization while trying to pick up our car. The car itself was pretty good and we did not run into any issues while using it during our 12 day rental. We dropped off the car very early in the morning (around 3:30am). It was a fast drop off and we got a quick ride to the airport with lots of time to spare before our flight...


Traveled to Iceland in Sep 2018 and rented a 2013 Dacia Duster

We loved il but back tyres were too old and should have been changed. Driving with this car was fun and allowed us to drive where we wanted to. Would definitely recommend renting a 4x4 to enjoy Iceland.


Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2013 Suzuki Jimny

The guy was too busy, we have no chance to talk in details for my rental terms. My stop run out battery on 18/10. I rang to man he told me to call taxi to help jump start and promise to pay me back the cost. It was 3000 krona. I don't know to claim back this as the rental guy was so busy.

Yiu Wah

Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2016 Suzuki Jimny

Moderate, as my reservation change was not somehow in Nordic Car Rental visible and I did not get the car I ordered 1st day. Also was agreed that in Monday they will deliver the car I wanted to our apartment but when they did not arrived as was agreed I called and they said the car is waiting in their office at Reykjavik and they have only one lady there who does not have the driver license. I got the car 2 hours later than I was expecting and it was not Qashqai but Xtrail


Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2011 Nissan Qashqai

When picking up the car I noticed immediately it had a low tire. The person at Lagoon rental disagreed, even though the car was indicating it. He said it was because it just had winter tires put on but if I insisted would put air in the tire. We struggled with this low tire our entire trip, including having to add air 2 times each day (at least!). This is super disappointing because they moved the car in the lot and didn't say anything to us. I had to point it out.

When returning the car I was met with what I would call poor and rude service. Maybe this is an Icelandic thing, but I would expect them to ask how the car was and if we had any issues.

Additionally, the car seats we rented and were given were poor at best. I can't believe that's the European standard, we would've been better off bringing our own.

Overall I would never recommend or rent from Lagoon Car Rental again...


Traveled to Iceland in Oct 2018 and rented a 2017 KIA Sorento

It was good, clean, but had some big damages which is not acceptable to rent it to people.


Traveled to Iceland in Nov 2018 and rented a 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser

The check in was fine. They accommodated to out early pick up request. However, the check out took quite sometime. After surrendering the key we had to wait for awhile. We became a tad worried as we had quite a number of things to do b4 we actually head to the boarding gate. As a result we decided not to proceed to the tax claim counter as we were short of time.

As for the car, it was really old I think. Eellwe faced the following issue:

(1) The right side mirror was missing its back cover, leaving some wiring exposed. We were worried ar first but since the company was aware of it when they gave it to us we assumed that the exposed wores wont be a problem.

(2) The petrol lit does not close properly. Hence when we want to pump petrol we usually found it open.

(3) The key controller does not work and we have to lock the car manually. We usually have to lock and unlock a few times as to ensure that all doors are locked...


Traveled to Iceland in Dec 2018 and rented a 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara

When we arrived at the airport “Blue Lagoon cat hire” were not aware of our arrival. Albeit I produced the paperwork indicating the change of address for the vehicle pickup the representative at the airport was rude. However they did transport us to the Blue Lagoon car hire place near the airport. We were asked to inspect the car in darkness with no initial lighting. We had to ask for the vehicle to be move from the storage area so we could carry out the inspection. Overall experience was not great.


Traveled to Iceland in Dec 2018 and rented a 2014 Dacia Duster

I really want to expose how uncomfortable we are with everything around the car rental.

Fara wants to charge me a damage that was on the car and I have demonstrated.

Thankfully, as they suggested when we received the car on April the 2nd; we recorded a video where the damage is clearly seen. We haven’t received to date a single response from their side, and we’re not accepting a damage that was already in the car, specially when we were very careful with it at all time.

We have done this with other companies before and none have blocked for 30 days a deposit of these amounts and none has ever expected different things from the ones posted on the site.

They also picked up 30 minutes late. If we wouldn’t have called, no one would’ve picked us on the airport as promised.

With you we had insurance charges that were never informed to us prior to our arrival...

Juan Martin

Traveled to Iceland in Apr 2019 and rented a 2017 Hyundai ix35

Since nothing special happened at the end the experience was slightly positive. The best was the competence and clarity of explanation from your mechanic.
But then I have to say the camper was not definitely in the best condition being quite old and having a lot of flaws and damages internally.
The worst was the very high deposit I had to immobilize in my credit card that, summed with the rental cost, immediately saturated the plafond ("normal" credit card has a plafond of 5000€) and I was forced to buy additional insurance to halve the deposit itself. Luckily I had an additional credit card that allowed me and my family to survive in an expensive country like Iceland!


Traveled to Iceland in Jun 2019