Regarding COVID-19


As of 19 August 2020 (00:00) the Icelandic authorities require all arrivals from risk areas to undergo quarantine. All passengers traveling to Iceland are required to fill out a pre-registration form before arrival, which includes their contact information, address during their quarantine in Iceland and a declaration of health.

Children born 2005 or later are exempt from pre-registration, testing and quarantine related to travel. Quarantine duration after travel from a risk area is 14 days but by undergoing a test for COVID-19 on arrival to Iceland and again after 5 days, this period may be shortened (see for details). A fee is charged for the test, payable on registration or at the border when the first sample is collected. The 2nd test is included in this charge.


Risk Areas

As of 19 August 2020 all countries and territories of the world are classified as risk areas.

Risk areas will be re-assessed regularly and updated.


More information:

Please visit this website for further information.


Modification/Cancellation Options

First of all we sincerely hope you are all safe and well during these very strange times, we realize the current situation worldwide is unprecedented and we are doing our absolute best to accommodate your needs & requirements.

Despite everything, we are optimistic and realize that once things calm down the demand for rental cars in Iceland will rise. Because of this we are offering our customers two alternate options instead of cancelling, provided the booking is within the cancellation deadline.

  • Changing your dates, if you have already booked another flight to Iceland, just send us the new dates and we will modify the booking.
  • Freezing the booking and gaining credit on Northbound which can then be used towards a future booking once things become more clear. This prevents loss of funds as well due to exchange rate fluctuations for the Icelandic Krona.

If you wish to take advantage of these options, please contact us through our contact form by clicking here



We will always try our absolute best to make the journey to our beautiful country as pleasing and stress-free as possible, we realize that traveling in these times can be stressful and complicated due to flight changes and unknown variables, but we want you to rest assured that if you book with us, we will do everything in our power to take some of the burden off.