Rent a 4x4 Camper in Iceland

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Rent a 4x4 Camper in

Best Prices for Roof Tent 4x4s and Campervans in Iceland

The Best Choices Search & compare the lowest prices from the very best tour operators in Iceland.
No Hidden Fees No hidden or added fees. Free cancellations & amendments.
Large Variety of 4x4 Campers Massive selection of different roof tent 4x4's and highland-capable campervans.

Die besten Autovermietungen in Island

Wir sind stolz auf unsere Qualitäts- und Servicestandards, die sich in dem widerspiegeln, was unsere Anwender über uns zu sagen haben. Buchen Sie Ihren Mietwagen oder Ihre Tagestour mit Northbound und seien Sie versichert, dass ein starkes Team von Reiseberatern bereit ist, Ihnen bei allen Ihren Fragen oder Anliegen sowohl vor als auch nach Ihrem Abenteuer zu helfen.

Freedom to Roam the Icelandic Countryside

Travel through Iceland in the true adventuring fashion. No hotel check-ins, no strict schedules, just you and the road

A 4x4 camper affords you the freedom to roam as you please, unrestricted by challenging highland paths or strict time schedules due to varying hotel bookings. Just explore at your own pace and then pull into the nearest campsite for the night.

Cheapest 4x4 Campers in Iceland

The best thing about a roof tent 4x4 is that it's the most affordable option for travelers that want the luxury of sleeping wherever but also the unrestricted access to the country's numerous F-roads.

Iceland is already expensive but with a roof tent camper, you get the ultimate freedom without breaking your budget. 

Browse Through Roof Tent 4x4s and Campervans.

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Roof tent camper in Iceland

What's included in a roof tent camper?

Normally, with a roof tent, you have a simple foam mattress, some bed linens, duvets and in some cases there might be sleeping bags included.

Exact inclusions depend on which car you end up selecting, but you'll see them listed out on the booking page clearly so you can review before you commit to booking.









Off-Road vs F-road

It's important to note that off-road driving in Iceland is against the law. In order to preserve the Icelandic nature, you should always stick to marked roads.

F-roads, however, are not the same as off-road. While these roads can be incredibly rough and tricky to navigate, they are official roads and as long as your vehicle is able to handle them, then you are free to traverse them as you wish.

Read more about F-roads.