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Can I pay with a debit card?

There are some debit cards that work in our payment gateway if the card has embossed numbers like a credit card.

When you've selected a vehicle you can click the More Information hyperlink to see if that supplier offers payment of the remaining 85% with a debit card.

Even though you can pay the remaining amount with a debit card some suppliers require a credit card in the drivers name for the excess amount.

When you book your vehicle on Northbound you can pay either the deposit or 100%. All suppliers on our site offer the deposit method but not everyone supports the 100% deposit

If you choose to pay only the deposit on Northbound you'll need to pay the remaining 85% when you arrive to pickup your vehicle.

Use our filter "No credit card required" on our search result page to view vehicles you can book without a credit card.

Debit Card Car Rentals to read more about debit car rental.

How can I pay the excess amount?