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What is Full Protection?

Full Protection from our partner protects you from common damages which could see you face major costs related to your car rental. Full Protection covers the excess amount on your vehicle so you don't get caught out of pocket if something goes wrong. The excess is usually between 150,000 ISK (1,000€) and 750,000 ISK (5,250€) for high-end motorhomes.

To explain Full Protection, it's important to understand what ‘excess’ is. Excess (known as deductible or franchise in the US and Europe respectively) is what you're liable to pay in the event of an accident or damage caused to your rental vehicle.

The excess amount is set by the rental company. If you don't purchase coverage for the excess and your rental vehicle is damaged, you're liable to pay up to the full excess to cover the cost of damage and repairs. is an alternative to the rental company's own excess waiver, however it is half the price and covers some things that the rental companies often don't, such as sand, ash, wind, ice and gravel damage, accident-related fees that rental companies may charge including administration/processing fees, loss of use fees, towing, relocation, key loss and more.