Northern Lights Tours in Iceland

See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Iceland

Northern Lights in Iceland

Seeing the northern lights in Iceland is a once in a lifetime experience, with these tours you'll be taken to the best places to get the most out of them. You will be taken outside the limits of too much light exposure to maximize your view of these amazing Icelandic phenomenon.

Should you book a trip on a cloudy day and no northern lights can be seen, usually the vendor offers you a second trip free of charge. 


We drove a few hours to see the northern lights in IcelandWe drove a few hours to see the northern lights in IcelandThe Northern Lights were amazing this night!The Northern Lights were amazing this night!

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Northern Lights Mystery

The stunning Northern Lights await you in this truly amazing evening tour. Team up with professional Northern Light guides to hunt for the Aurora Bore...

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Northern Lights tour

We will go in a 4x4 vehicle and hunt for the northern lights (Aurora Borealis). On the tour we try to go to the most scenic places so you can take goo...


Winter photo tour 5 days

In five days you get to explore the whole area, visiting some of the most famous landmarks in Iceland plus some less known remote locations.

Seeing the Northern Lights in a photo or a video does no justice to just how amazing the experience is to actually see them with your bare eyes. If your primary focus on your trip to Iceland is to see the Northern Lights, then we highly suggest you take one of these tours.

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Icelandic Delights and Northern Lights

South coast Super Jeep and Northern Lights winter adventure. Enjoy the highlights of South Iceland in a small group with a highly experienced Super Je...

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Golden Circle and Magical Nights

Traditional tastes at local farms and restaurants, Fontana Spa and Northern Lights This is a tour that combines the famous Golden Circle with visit to...

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Glacier Walk and Northern Lights

The best combo tour available! On this amazing day tour you will be guided through the labyrinth of a glacier tongue, visit the Skógasafn museu...

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Frequently Asked Questions on Northern Lights Tours


When is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland?

The Northern Lights are visible from September to Mid-April, seeing the Northern Lights is very dependant on the weather on the particular day, Icelandic weather can be very upredictable so even though it's raining sideways in the afternoon - you could be watching the Northern Lights with a calm breeze and clear skies in the evening.


How long do I have to stay in Iceland to see the Northern Lights? 

We've heard people stopping on a layover in Iceland that got to view them near the Keflavík Airport. I personally have stood on my balconies at home with all the light pollution of the town and stared at the Northern Lights for hours. The season when the Northern Lights are most visible (fall/winter) are so unpredictable that people usually recommend you spend 2 weeks in Iceland to maximize your chances. It's mostly luck, but with the help of a tour operator you might be able to grab the best spot at the best time.


What happens if I don't get to see the Northern Lights because of weather?

If the tour doesn't ship out during your stay, then most tour operators will either refund your ticket, or give you a complementary ticket to grab the tour again (without additional cost). Remember, we really do want you to see this phenomenon! This is however, very dependant on each tour, so read the description before you book to make sure this is available if the Northern Lights is the only thing you want out of the tour.


Can I see updates on the Northern Lights visibility anywhere?

Yes you can! You can go to the Icelandic Northern Lights Forecast provided by the Icelandic Government. If there's a white spot over your area, then the Northern Lights will be very visible (clear skies)

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Southcoast and Aurora Borealis

When the Aurora Borealis glow above the great glaciers of the South Coast reflecting on the icecap it will simply take your breath away. Join us for a...

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Golden circle and Aurora Borealis

This tour will take you to historical places and many of the natural wonders that Iceland has to offer, including the phenominal Northern Lights.

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Borgarfjörður and Aurora borealis

Join us on trip to the historical Borgarfjörður, the heart of the Icelandic Sagas. We will be driving through the spectacular terrain to chas...

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