2009 Hyundai Tucson

or similar You will never be downgraded to a lesser model. If for some reason the vehicle is not available you will be upgraded. Automatic transmission vehicles will never be substituted with Manual transmission vehicles.
  • Manual
  • 4x4 Jeep
  • Petrol
  • 5 peopleThis vehicle seats 5 people at the most
  • 4 Bags This vehicle has room for 4 large Bags at the most
Minimum rental time is 3 days

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€9 / day
€10 / dayMin: €52
Message from supplier:
The 4G internet router gives you internet access through the Icelandic mobile network. The router gives you good internet connection in most of Iceland. Unlimited data included
€13 / day
€13 / day
€13 / day
Message from supplier:
Only the person who's name is stated on the rental agreement is allowed to drive the vehicle. It is possible to register another driver for a small fee.


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The pick-up service and drop off was very good as were your personal. The van is small by North American standards, but was reliable and had good performance. A couple of things: A roof rack would be very helpful. I brought a bike (I was led to believe it would fit under the bed - Not.) and had no place to put it while driving except on the bed. Also, if you are alone (as I was) there are blind spots that make going in reverse perilous, to say the least. I would definitely use your company again and have already passed on your info to another couple wanting to visit this Fall. Take care.

Michael  •  25. Jun 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in June 2017

Great experience.
PIck up at the airport was on time. The transfer to Ace Car Rental was just minutes away.
Van was new (only 3000 km on the clock) and in perfect condition.
Return was on time from our guesthouse in Reykjavik.

Juan Guillermo  •  29. May 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in May 2017

Ace was such a great company to go through! They made finding a rental extremely easy! Instructions for pick up and drop off were clearly explained and they even gave a map and suggestions! I would definitely recommend them!

Leah  •  28. May 2017 Rented a Suzuki Vitara from Ace Car Rental in May 2017

I had a great experience renting with Ace car rental. We were picked up at the airport shortly after arrival and received our camper van in clean and good condition.

The heater in the camper van works great at night especially during cold weather. Gas mileage was good. Very spacious in the sleeping area. All the cooking utensils were in the box.

One thing to note is the wifi device stopped working after the first day. My iPhone said I was connected but I couldn't browse the Internet.

Bradford  •  25. Apr 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in April 2017

We loved the campervan! Cozy, warm, reliable. The heater was a big plus. The winter tires helped us navigate some icy roads and gas mileage was decent. Our contact person, Odin, went out of his way to meet us at the airport 6 hours earlier at 6 in the morning! The driver and passenger seats were a bit difficult to maneuver ( cramped) but we're slender folk and made it work. We preferred our own backpacker stove but overall loved everything! We miss our little home on wheels and plan to return. I highly recommend the Davia van and Northbound!

Janet  •  22. Apr 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in April 2017

The camper from Ace Car Rental was exactly as advertised. The staff were polite and friendly. They were able and glad to answer any questions I had about the camper and about driving in Iceland in general. Pickup and drop off of the camper was punctual and easy. I would certainly rent from them again.

Evan  •  11. Apr 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in April 2017

We spent 6 days touring southern Iceland in a Dacia Dokker camper from Northbound.is / Ace car rental. There were many options for camper rentals in Iceland and we chose based on very clear information and price. With some of the other comparable options it just wasn't clear what exactly would be included or covered, and we didn't want to spend any of our vacation dealing with logistics. The customer service was top notch and friendly, the only problem we encountered was with our mobile wifi which was sorted promptly.

I would recommend a larger option if you can afford it. The Dokker was sufficient, but a larger van would allow us to cook inside, which would have been great.

Ben  •  02. Apr 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in March 2017

Fantastic. We were going to rent a room en Reykavik, but heard about carrental. Thank God we decided to do that. Everything was splendid and the trip in the nature were great. No complaints what so ever.

Mikkel Björn  •  01. Mar 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in February 2017

we had a great time with the dacia dokker camper!! it was our home for two weeks and we loved it. it had all the space and storage capacities that we needed, as well as camping equipment, fitted into the car in a very clever and inventive way. we needed less fuel than we had expected, and the car was nice to drive. we were happy to have the heater in the cold and rainy nights (at first, i was a little shocked by the weather coming from european summer with a temperature difference of 15 degrees). paperwork was efficient and the people doing the transfer from and to the airport were very friendly!! thank you ;)

Dagmar  •  16. Jan 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in September 2016

Excellent !!!

Satit  •  07. Dec 2016 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in November 2016

We had an excellent experience driving a camper in Iceland in general, and renting from Ace in particular. At the ungodly hour we arrived our host at ACE took the time to welcome us with good coffee and cover the essentials foreign drivers must know. The camper was exactly what we expected and handled really well. The bed was very comfy and two people with modest luggage will find enough storage room. The curtains made a pleasant difference! Suggestions: If you rent a camper bring a duffel bag instead of a suitcase (it won't fit in the space under the bed) and, be smart, get the gravel insurance... There is a LOT of gravel all over! Daniela M. US

Daniela  •  31. Oct 2016 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in October 2016

We had an amazing time in Iceland whilst driving around with the brandnew Dacia Dokker Camper. The equipment of the car was absolutely sufficient and the absolutely best thing was the heating system of the car. The company is family run and they do it with passion and friendliness.

Sieber  •  24. Oct 2016 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in May 2016

ACE was Top service, i will defenitley recomend it they are helpful and trustworthy. having the insurance covered included in the price was a plus, not many companies do that. and their service is great

Fabricia Suely De  •  07. Oct 2016 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in September 2016

We were very happy with our trip around Iceland! The staff from northbound was fast and helpful. Our car from ACE was perfect for our trip and we enjoyed travelling through Iceland with "our" small camper, the Dacia Dokker.

Sarah  •  18. Sep 2016 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in August 2016

Hugues  •  31. Aug 2016 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in July 2016

We had a fantástico experiencia in Iceland Thank to the camper van we rent. It was the best offer I seen and everything was as we expected.
Thank you very much!!

Mikel  •  26. Aug 2016 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in August 2016

We choosed the option to get our Dacia Duster delivered (and returned) to our hotel, it was very convenient. The car was perfect for me and my wife since we aimed to go around Iceland on road 1 with some detours. Since we had a 4WD we werent afraid to meet the steep gravelroads at some of our detours. The only "problem" we got with the car was that we almost went out of diesel where it was longer distances between the gas stations. When we found a gas station (on the fumes we belived) we still had about 5 litres left. If/when we return to Iceland we probably will use northbound again.

Roland  •  17. Aug 2016 Rented a Dacia Duster from Ace Car Rental in July 2016

We went spontaneously for a week on a camping trip to Iceland and as we were super late with booking a rental car we chose northbound. Best decision, everything went perfect. Fast, easy and friendly. Perfect experience!

Paola  •  16. Aug 2016 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in July 2016

Quick, easy and staff was very friendly.

Mirko  •  15. Aug 2016 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in June 2016

I had a wonderful rental car experience with Northbound! They gave me a very clean, well-maintained vehicle and I was pleased to not have a single issue during my road trip to West and South Iceland. Owners of Northbound were very communicative and made pick-up and drop-off relatively simple. Can't wait to return to Iceland--I'll be using Northbound again!

Danielle  •  12. Aug 2016 Rented a Toyota Yaris from Ace Car Rental in June 2016

Everything was perfect with ACE car rental. They were waiting for us at the airport, the quality of the car was perfect. In a word we are satisfied after 2000 km also in the roads "F".

Peter  •  09. Aug 2016 Rented a Suzuki Jimny from Ace Car Rental in July 2016

The Dokker was perfect for our Iceland trip (we did the ringroad). It was quite new, the equipment was clean and thoughtful, the matress was good. The only thing I could critize is that it had no insulation at all, the inside is all sheet metal.
The guy from Ace Car Rental was great. The airport transfers were smooth (though in the middle of the night), so was the pick up and returning of the Dokker at 22h. After a quick check of the underbody we were cleared and transfered back to the airport (just a 5 min. ride). The Northbound service was really good as well. I had some questions prior to the booking and afterwards and always got a promt reply.

Eric  •  16. Jun 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in June 2017

Car was very good, ACE rentals were very friendly and professional. Cost was a bit high

Patrick  •  06. Feb 2017 Rented a Toyota Land Cruiser 150 from Ace Car Rental in January 2017

No major issues. The last day the Webasto heater stopped working temporarily.

Walker  •  20. Jan 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in December 2016

The renting process was nice and uncompilcated, pickup at Airport was also nice. General informations about driving in Iceland were provided. We had to refill the window cleaner, but got paid for it.

The car was ok, it is not very good isolated, e.g. you can feel the wind coming through the window open/close buttons. However, heater at night worked. At all, the car felt a little bit cheap, e.g. the Key. Since we were often leaving camping sites early at the morning it was a little bit disturbing that you have to slam the doors to close them, what was very loud. But I think thats normal for a Dacia and can be expected. However, it did it's job.

Karsten  •  10. Oct 2016 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in September 2016


Karen  •  17. Jun 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in June 2017

The service was good, i enjoeyd my stay in Island!

Dennis  •  12. Sep 2016 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in May 2016

We had decent experience with Ace Car Rental. I booked a new dacia dokker 2016 camper but got a car with 60k. This is not expected. I happy with the performance of car but would to check from a different company as well if I visit Iceland again.

Anindya Kumar  •  21. Jun 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in June 2017

I would not recommend using Ace Car Rental. From the get go the gentleman who worked there was fairly blunt and impolite to us. When we arrived we went through all of the paperwork without problems and paid the 'hold' amount. However, we were then taken to the vehicle which had a door that was visibly damaged. This was on the driver's side and prevented the driver from opening the window whatsoever. We were told that all of their vehicles were rental and that this was all that was left. We were not offered a discount (mind you he had already got us to pay for it!). We made it clear that we were not happy with the vehicle and even more unhappy that he had taken payment prior to informing us of the problem. When we discussed going to an alternative car rental company he finally offered us a discount but it was only about 5% of the total rental cost. We were unsatisfied with this and said we needed some time to look up alternative rental options. At this point, we were told that he actually did have another car (same make, model and year) but he would have to fetch the keys. He returned ten minutes later and we headed off happy enough with the vehicle but rather unhappy firstly, about being made to pay prior to the disclosure of the damage, and secondly, because it appeared that we were lied to when we were initially told they had no other vehicles.

The rest of the trip ran smoothly, the vehicle was great and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. On the last day we had to replace a flat tyre. This was simple and all the necessary tools were present. However, on our return home I found a 5000 krona deduction to my bank account. This was apparently due to the cost of the tyre. This was poorly handled. I received no warning or courtesy message about how much my account was to be deducted by or what the reason for it was. I had to contact them to find out why the payment had been taken, and again, was dealt with in an impolite manner.

On the other hand, I would thoroughly recommend using northbound.is, they have been brilliant. Very reliable and super quick response to messages, additionally, they offered us the best deal.

Amelia  •  14. Jun 2017 Rented a Dacia Dokker Camper from Ace Car Rental in June 2017
High standards, great value

Udi N  •  02. Jul 2014
Perfect car rental service

Stantona  •  08. Aug 2015
Family business delivers what you need

JDLexington  •  17. Sep 2015
Excellent customer service and unbeatable prices!

Seema Shariat  •  01. Jun 2015

Important Information

Mileage / Kilometres Unlimited kilometres
How can I pay on Northbound?

This supplier offers 100% and 15% payment on Northbound.

If you pay 15% when you book online you'll need to pay the remaining 85% when you arrive to pickup your vehicle. You can see the payment methods this supplier accepts below.

You will not pay anything extra once you arrive, no hidden fees/taxes or booking fees on arrival.

Northbound accepts payment with the following credit cards:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Union Pay

Some debit cards are also accepted if they have embossed numbers like credit cards.
How can I pay when I pickup the car?

100% Payment

If you pay the total amount when you book online with us you don't need to pay anything when you pickup the vehicle.

15% Payment

If you pay the minimum 15% deposit online you can pay the remaining 85% when you arrive to pickup the vehicle.

The following payment methods are accepted at this car rental:

Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, American Express

Debit Cards

Visa Electron, Maestro


Cash is not accepted.

Excess / Security Deposit

The main driver must be in possession of a credit card in their own name when picking up the car. The Card must have enough available funds to cover the excess / deposit amount.

The overwhelming majority of rentals on Northbound, the usual procedure consists of imprinting your credit card and keeping it on file for the duration of your rental.

No amount is withheld from your credit card in those cases.

Age Requirements Minimum age limit for this car is 20.
The car hire company’s age-related charges and restrictions will apply to all additional drivers.
Drivers License If your driving license is printed with non-Roman letters such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian etc. you will need an International Driving License.
Cross-border Customers whose travel plans include driving outside the country of rental (or crossing borders or travelling to different islands within the same country) must advise us before they pick the car up. Restrictions may apply for certain countries which may require the customer to pay additional fees.
Please note that cross-border travel is not allowed with this car hire company.