2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara +Roof Tent

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  • Automatic
  • Camper
  • Petrol
  • 4 peopleThis vehicle seats 4 people at the most
  • 4 Bags This vehicle has room for 4 large Bags at the most
Vehicle Description

The 4X4 Suzuki Grand Vitara sleeps 2 people in total comfort. A convertible roof top tent can be found on the roof of the vehicle. The Suzuki Grand Vitara seats 4 people and is perfect for traveling both the low and the highlands in Iceland.

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Minimum rental time is 3 days

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Free of charge
Message from supplier:
Stay connected where ever your adventure takes you
Free of charge
Message from supplier:
Highest quality roof top tent from Autohome in Italy
€5 / day
Message from supplier:
After a long day of traveling is good to be able to sit down to enjoy the views of Icelandic nature.
€6 / day
Message from supplier:
A camping table can be good for cooking and eating in the Icelandic nature.
€6 / day
Message from supplier:
Small cooler to keep your beverage at the right temperature.
€7 / day
Message from supplier:
Should you prefer to charge your camera, laptop or mobile phone on the go, this can be a good solution.
€7 / day
Message from supplier:
Listen to your favorite music from your mobile on the road.
€8 / day
Message from supplier:
The Icelandic nights can get cold at times, so we can provide a warm sleeping bag for a small fee.
€9 / day
Message from supplier:
It can be wearing driving all day, so taking turns behind the wheel can be a good idea.
Message from supplier:
If you already rented the “kitchen box” you will need some gas cartridges for the stove.
€14 / day
Message from supplier:
Even even though the Icelandic highway is basically one ring around the island, it can be frustrating driving on a gravel side road just to find out you took a wrong turn two hours ago.
€17 / day
Message from supplier:
The roof top tent is suitable for two adults, so an extra ground tent is an good option if more than two persons are traveling together in the same car.
€17 / day
Message from supplier:
The kitchen box includes gas stove, pots, glasses, dishes, cutlery, dish washing sponge, dishcloth, water tank and hot water thermos.


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It was very good! we had a great trip!

Manon  •  17. Jul 2017 Rented a Suzuki Jimny +Roof Tent from Camping Cars in July 2017

Such a wonderful adventure thanks to Camping Cars! The car was highly reliable and able to get us wherever we desired and the tent camper on the top was fun and easy to set up! Already recommending it to friends and family considering a trip to such a majestic country! Tak!

Summer  •  04. Jul 2017 Rented a Ford Escape +Roof Tent from Camping Cars in June 2017

As I lay out on my first night in my Northbound Ford Escape + roof tent I was in awe, of not just the incredible beauty of the wilderness that surrounded me, but of the sturdy Italian engineering of the tent that sheltered me.

For anyone going to Iceland, i would definitely recommend northbound as the best way to see the country. Their service and quality was incredible- if we had any questions during our trip they were very responsive to emails and had great suggestions for things to do during our stay.

Steve  •  01. Jul 2017 Rented a Ford Escape +Roof Tent from Camping Cars in June 2017

Camping Cars was exactly what my friends and I were looking for. The roof top tent on the Ford Escape 4WD worked perfectly for our 8 day trip around the country. Camping Cars was extremely helpful in giving advice about what to see and do while in Iceland, along with the services they provide. Highly recommended!!!

Hunter  •  11. Jun 2017 Rented a Ford Escape +Roof Tent from Camping Cars in May 2017

We didnt get to use the tent because of heavy winds in Isafjordur, but the car was nice (and probably the tent would have been nice to). The staff at Camping cars was very helpfull and nice.

Roy Henrik  •  03. May 2017 Rented a Ford Escape +Roof Tent from Camping Cars in April 2017

Everything went well with Northbound and Camping Cars. I recommend them!

Josue  •  05. Apr 2017 Rented a Ford Escape +Roof Tent from Camping Cars in April 2017

We had such a great experience with this company! We rented a Ford Escape with a roof tent so that we could easily road trip around the ring road for the week we were in Iceland. We went in March so we're expecting lots of different weather. We instantly got a good impression from Camping Cars and it's staff at the airport, when they picked us up at the airport at 6am, an hour earlier than they said they would, so we didn't have to wait until the company opened in the morning. They set us up very quickly with our rental once we got to their office, and we're on our way within 30 minutes!

The car was great on the road as well! We hit a number of blizzards and both the car and the tent held up better than expected each time! In fact, multiple times during the road trip we mentioned to each other that we were so happy we went with this option as opposed to a rental van or camper, because it was so much more fun and authentic to be traveling with the roof tent, and the car worked perfectly in the weather and snow. Both were spacious enough for the two of us and all of our bags to fit comfortably too.

When we returned to the rental company at the end of the trip, the agent took us to the airport immediately and dropped us off. He made it extremely easy for us the entire time! We really recommend using this company and using a car with a roof tent if you're deciding between multiple companies--especially if you are adventurous and looking for a more authentic experience that is cheaper than buying a newer, expensive 4x4 option from another company. Thanks for everything Camping Cars!

Layne  •  21. Mar 2017 Rented a Ford Escape +Roof Tent from Camping Cars in March 2017

Camping Cars offered us a great experience! They picked us up from the airport for free, and dropped us off at the end of our trip. They prepared us for everything we needed to know about how to use the tent and tips on how to get around Iceland. The car was a perfect camping combination for Iceland: 4x4 SUV and a roof tent that was well-insulated against the cold. I think that type of car is the best way to get around Iceland!

Emilia  •  16. Mar 2017 Rented a Ford Escape +Roof Tent from Camping Cars in March 2017

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