2017 Fiat Talento

Minivan/Bus Manual Seats 9 people 9 Large Bag(s)
This minibus is not allowed on F-Roads, which means it cannot drive up the marked Icelandic Highland roads in any circumstance.   It has unlimited mileage, so you do not pay anything extra for the miles you drive the car. You will be given a full tank of gas and should return it with the same amount of gas when you received the vehicle. The vehicle runs on Diesel. Fits 9 people at the most and can carry a maximum of 9 large bag(s). You... See More
can cancel this vehicle anytime until 48 hours to your pickup.

The supplier for this vehicle requires the driver to be at least 20 years old to drive this vehicle and needs to have held a valid drivers license for at least 12 months.

Supplier Description:

SMALL GROUPS, BIG DISCOVERIESOur GRAND minibus Fiat Talento is excellent for small groups and like always there is free WiFi on board.
What is the purpose of your trip? Business, leisure, sight-seeing trips, ring-road trip, golf tours, rod fishing, fly fishing or a big event for sport club members?The Minibus has all the space needed by the travelers and their luggage and might become the best partner you could have, whatever your needs are.Thus we can proudly say our GRAND Minibus gives you all the freedom and comfort you need while driving in and around our beautiful ICELAND.All cars are equipped with studded winter tires during winter season. Winter tires in our rental is included in the price.NOT SUITABLE FOR F-ROADS.NOTE: Keflavik Airport pick-up comes with shuttle service. An agent from Grand Iceland will meet you in the arrival hall of the Airport and drive you to Grand Iceland's office in Ármúli 20, 108 Reykjavík.
Supplier Information
This supplier does not accept cash as payment for the rental and does not accept cash as a security deposit.
The main driver must be in possession of a credit card when picking up the car.
Pre-paid credit cards are not accepted for security deposits.
The supplier takes an imprint of the customers credit card and doesn't withhold anything from the credit card.