2016 Volkswagen Polo Automatic

or similar You will never be downgraded to a lesser model. If for some reason the vehicle is not available you will be upgraded. Automatic transmission vehicles will never be substituted with Manual transmission vehicles.
  • Automatic
  • Hatchback
  • Petrol
  • 5 peopleThis vehicle seats 5 people at the most
  • 2 Bags This vehicle has room for 2 large Bags at the most
Vehicle Features
AUX Port
CD Player
Heated Seating
USB Connection
Vehicle Description

2016 & 2017 model

The VW Polo is a great choice to rent in Iceland.

It's the perfect car for 2-3 to travel in Iceland. It's got a fuel efficient engine and it handles great.

Additional Features:

USB charger
Not allowed on F roads in Iceland
Check out our Suzuki Jimny 4x4 or Dacia Duster 4x4 if you would like to explore the highlands.

Fuel Consumption : 6 L pr.100km / 45 MPG
Fuel Tank size: 40L / 13.2 Gal
Fuel Range : 600 km

Luggage Space : 280L

Minimum rental time is 2 days

Dates & Location

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€1 / day
€2 / day
€2 / day
€2 / day
€2 / day
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€4 / day
€4 / day
€5 / day
€5 / day
€5 / day
€5 / day
Message from supplier:
Only the person who's name is stated on the rental agreement is allowed to drive the vehicle. It is possible to register another driver for a small fee.
€10 / day


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Stan  •  19. Jul 2017 Rented a Subaru XV 4x4 from GO Car Rental in July 2017

Very good expérience.

Amaury  •  11. Jul 2017 Rented a Nissan X-Trail (5+2) 4x4 from GO Car Rental in June 2017

I travel the world extensively and rent cars almost everywhere I go. My rental vehicle was provided clean and in great condition. The service employees were very helpful and gave great customer service. I recommend them and would rent from them again.

Nelson  •  09. Jul 2017 Rented a Renault Trafic from GO Car Rental in July 2017

We had a great experience. Everything was as expected.

Sandra  •  04. Jul 2017 Rented a Dacia Duster 4x4 from GO Car Rental in June 2017

Great job by all the team of GO Car Rental: everything went seamless and even beyond our expectations.
First of all, it is a great idea to settle the base outside usual busy locations like airport or city center, and offer a pick-up and drop-off service (which I guess gives you a cost advantage that you are able to transform into lower prices for customers) - well done!
But most importantly, all the GO Car Rental employees whom we dealt with were extremely friendly, efficient and truely customer-oriented.
We have got exactly the car that we had booked, the Subaru XV was almost brand new and it ran smoothly both on main roads several hours long leaps as well as on some pretty steep tracks and even through rivers in Landmannalaugar. When we decided to extend our car rental by another day, GO car easly found a solution for us: first by offering us another car for that extra day with the airport drop option (which we we not aware about initially), and finally finding a way to let us stay with our dear Subaru till the end of our trip. We have had zero incidents or any kind of bad surprises through our 1 week trip, except for one little episode when we realised that we have lost the front license plate (most likely while crossing one of the rivers). That story has been settled in 2 minutes upon our return with a reasonable fee that we paid for the plate.

Two small tips for future improvement:
1) Please mention the airport drop opion on your booking page - this may be very helpful for planning the rental itinerary.
2) Please ask the car dealership to use more solid plastic frames for fixing the license plates: we have learnt from one of your guys that only during that same week 3 plates have been lost because the frames broke, exactly like ours.

We really appreciated the way the GO Car team works - keep it this way!


Dimitri  •  02. Jul 2017 Rented a Subaru XV 4x4 from GO Car Rental in June 2017

We had good experience with both Northbound and GO Car Rental. We sent Northbound information on vehicles we were considering and they provided feedback on which ones would allow us to waive CDW insurance and instead use the insurance provided by our credit card company. GO representative met us at airport when we arrived, was friendly, and provided all the information we needed. We added second driver with no extra charge. The vehicle was exactly as expected and we had no issues. Drop-off was quick and easy.

Andrew  •  01. Jul 2017 Rented a Subaru Forester 4x4 from GO Car Rental in June 2017

The car rental and service were absolutely perfect... we had a 15 hour flight delay and there was no problem at all collecting the car in the middle of night. Thank you! Driving the ring road and F1 roads has been a dream come true!

Erich  •  27. Jun 2017 Rented a Dacia Duster 4x4 from GO Car Rental in June 2017

Federico  •  26. Jun 2017 Rented a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Automatic from GO Car Rental in June 2017

everyone was extremely friendly and helpful, would definitely recommend Go Car Rental!

Samuel  •  20. Jun 2017 Rented a Subaru XV 4x4 from GO Car Rental in June 2017

Our experience with GO Car Rental was very good. our Skoda Octavia was in fine condition and drove very well. The pickup of the car was very easy and drop off went well too. When we return to Iceland, we will definitely use GO Car Rental again.

John  •  13. Jun 2017 Rented a Skoda Octavia from GO Car Rental in June 2017

The car was excellent and the customer service was even better! We had the car for 11 days and we slept in it half the time. super comfortable and reliable Thank you :)

Melissa  •  23. May 2017 Rented a Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4 from GO Car Rental in April 2017

great, brand new car, great mileage.They met me at the airport as promised; some confusion I was looking for GO not Northbound or GOcar but we found them. I didn't realize the horn was on the turn arm stick end, car says after awhile low air but checked at gas station twice air was fine. I would reccomand them without hesitation, nice people.

Glenn  •  22. May 2017 Rented a - 2017 Dacia Logan from GO Car Rental in May 2017

Northbound worked like a charm for us. very helpful, quick to respond, honest advice, tips and feedback, getting the car and returning it without any hickups, the car (provided by Go rental) worked fine. Unrelated to Northbound there were some minor things that did however not deminish the flawless performance of the car (a "star" in the front screen, a constant warning sign that the start/stop automatic was defect).
We had a fantabulous week in Iceland albeit only one sunny day... will definitely come back ( asap) ;o) and check Northbound again!

Klaus  •  09. May 2017 Rented a Nissan X-Trail (5+2) 4x4 from GO Car Rental in April 2017

Could not have been happier with Northbound. We were called shortly after landing by Jan who told us he'd be waiting just outside baggage claim for us. He had a clear sign to see making it easy to find him. After driving us to our car he showed us around, answered some questions about local driving and we took off. Shortly after we left, we noticed the drivers side wiper not working very well. We called him and he said to go back and take our pick from the cars that were left. We found the same car in a different color and left from there. When we landed back in North America, I immediately realized that I left not only a pair of headphones in the center console of the car, but MY CAR KEYS as well! I called Jan (at midnight his time) and he picked up right away and informed me he'd be back at the airport in the morning and he'd look for them. Later that day, he texted me that he had found what I left and shipped them back to me. This is what customer service is about. I can't say enough great things about Northbound or Jan!

Carlos  •  28. Apr 2017 Rented a Subaru Forester 4x4 from GO Car Rental in April 2017

Hi Runar! We had such and amazing time in Iceland. It was one for the books! Picking car up may have been an unconventional rental but it's one of the finest services I've received from a rental car. We were able to get and return the car with ease. The representatives were kind enough to let us know about the existing damage to the back panel and light (aesthetics) but it had no bearing on the van's performance. Van was clean and in great shape. It was such an affordable rate for the 9-passenger van. We will surely rent with Northbound/Go Car Rental again and I hope your company success!!

Melani  •  25. Apr 2017 Rented a Renault Trafic from GO Car Rental in April 2017

We had a great experience with GO Car Rental. They greeted us at the airport and provided detailed guidance on driving in Iceland. The Renault Trafic was the perfect vehicle for our somewhat large family and I'll go back to GO Car Rental the next time we visit!

John  •  17. Apr 2017 Rented a Renault Trafic from GO Car Rental in April 2017

Absolutely loved my Suzuki Jimny rental! The car was in great shape and performed flawlessly throughout the trip. Planning on going back to Iceland again in fall of this year and will definitely be using northbound again.

Michael  •  17. Apr 2017 Rented a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Automatic from GO Car Rental in April 2017

My rental car was a Mitsubishi Outlander 4X4 with automatic transmission. We drove the Ring Road in Iceland, which had a combination of regular paved roads, roads covered in ice and snow, and gravel roads. The car handled superbly. However, I would highly recommend that you purchase the gravel protection for the car. You never know how fast the cars in the opposite lanes will be driving, and if you will be driving on gravel roads (i.e. visiting Thingvellir park), there could be a considerable amount of gravel kicked up by all the cars around you that may damage the car.

We had someone add on to our trip, changing our number from 3 to 4. I spoke with a representative from GO Car Rental, and found that we could conveniently cancel the reservation if it the cancellation was made 2 days ahead of the pickup date. The representative was quick to respond and provided all the information that I needed.

Northbound.is was a great website to use in comparing car prices, and helped us get the lowest price for the car that we needed. The website is easy to navigate and gave all the info we needed in order to decide on the car we wanted to rent.

Livia  •  04. Apr 2017 Rented a Subaru Forester 4x4 from GO Car Rental in March 2017

Our experience with Go Car was great! We wanted a new Suburu but since we couldn't find one we rented the Hyundai Tucson 4x4. We got picked up at our hotel & driven to the new office of Go Car which was on the way to the airport. We were pleasantly surprised that the car they were giving us was a new Suburu as they didn't know that was the car we really wanted. I said I thought we were getting the Hyundai Tucson 4x4 & they said we could get that but I said no we love Suburus. They showed us a few things on the car. Set the garmin to English & we were on our way. We told them that we were not getting back until late Wednesday from our 2 day trip to the southeast & therefore could not return the car to the office & the sweet guy Jan said he lived in Reykjavik he would come to our hotel in Reykjavik that evening or the following morning so we didn't have to drive the car back to the office. I would definitely use Go cars again & recommend them to my friends going from New York to Iceland!

Rosalie  •  16. Mar 2017 Rented a Subaru Forester 4x4 from GO Car Rental in March 2017

My experience was really great. The vehicle was in wonderful condition, the Go Car Rental employees were incredibly friendly and accommodating, and overall Northbound made our Iceland trip really great!

Ilsa  •  07. Mar 2017 Rented a Subaru Forester 4x4 from GO Car Rental in February 2017

Great company! Super friendly staff made it easy to rent the Jimny (despite us losing the confirmation, oops!), were happy to provide maps, fuel discounts and advice on what to see. Gave us a free lift to and from our accommodation too - couldn't ask for better service.

Luke  •  27. Feb 2017 Rented a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Automatic from GO Car Rental in February 2017

It was very pleasant to hire car from Go Car rental. I was little nervous at morning, will some one come to pick us up as agreed or we will be in trouble. But when i went out from hostel, van was waiting us. Everything was smooth. Car was clean and everything was in working order. What i usually do not like- to stand in line in rental boxes and then walk long distance and search right car. With Go Car rental i didn't experienced such frustrating waiting and walking. So everything as promised!

Madis  •  17. Feb 2017 Rented a Dacia Duster 4x4 from GO Car Rental in February 2017

The car was just as expected! The service was great, and our guide Grettir even better. He was not only helpful by receiving us in the airport, but also had great advice and other useful information to tell us about Iceland!

Adam  •  13. Jan 2017 Rented a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Automatic from GO Car Rental in December 2016

Diego  •  02. Dec 2016 Rented a Dacia Duster 4x4 from GO Car Rental in November 2016

Go Car Rental service is nice and the staff is very friendly. The car Audi A3 we rented is very new, we had good memory with the car during the trip in Iceland. Highly recommend! :)

Shihhao  •  04. Oct 2016 Rented a Audi A3 from GO Car Rental in September 2016
GO Car Rental Replied: Thank you for your Review Shihhao. We hope to hear from you again in the future if you decide to return to Iceland.

We had a great experience! The Susuki Jimny worked perfectly in all conditions. The car felt like it was brand new.

Scott  •  30. Sep 2016 Rented a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Automatic from GO Car Rental in September 2016

car was lovely and served us well. we were very satisfied with the check in and drop off procedures and the guy who came to the airport to hand us the car was very nice and helpfull. overall very happy with your service

Inbar  •  17. Sep 2016 Rented a Volkswagen Polo from GO Car Rental in August 2016

Easy. Simple. Helpful.
Thank you.

Nadera  •  16. Sep 2016 Rented a Subaru XV 4x4 from GO Car Rental in June 2016

nice trip! good car!

Emili  •  14. Sep 2016 Rented a Volkswagen Polo from GO Car Rental in August 2016

Definitely recommend GO Car Rental in Iceland. The car was what we had expected, was well-maintained, comfortable, and excellent throughout our journey around the Ring Road. The information and pictures on their website were clear and easy to use. I made many enquiries via email about the car rental, and each time, the reply from Northbound co-founder Runar Thor was fast, friendly and useful which helped us plan our trip better. Arben (hope I spelt his name right), the staff who attended to us at the collection area at GO Car Rental's office next to Keflavik Airport, was cheerful, helpful and patient with our many questions. He even offered suggestions on the best way to get to Reykjavik, and how to handle the roads in Iceland. Northbound and GO Car Rental are two of the many reasons why we want to go back to Iceland.

YH (Singapore) - 10 Sept 2016
Rented a VW Golf from Go Car Rental in Aug 2016

Yo-Hinn  •  10. Sep 2016 Rented a Volkswagen Golf Automatic from GO Car Rental in August 2016

We had a great experience with Go Car Rental. Everything went smoothly and they even refunded the camping gear for the days we decided to come back early. Great car, and reasonable prices. I would use GO rental again when I return to Iceland.
Throughout the booking process, Northbound answered all my queries quickly and efficiently. Adding on my requested extra days, changing pick-up times ect. Northbound gave me the assurance that I needed and I otherwise probably wouldn't have purchased a rental if not for them. I loved the fact that I had the option to cancel my reservation free of charge if I had needed to. Highly recommend!

Alexandra  •  09. Sep 2016 Rented a Volkswagen Polo from GO Car Rental in August 2016

Iceland was great. The weather was good and the nature stunning. We should have hire a bigger car, but we were able to go where we wanted too. The pick-up and the delivery at the airport were easy to manage. Keflavik is not that large.

Nina  •  24. Aug 2016 Rented a Volkswagen Polo from GO Car Rental in August 2016

Hi, we really enjoyed our trip. Everything with Go Carrental was really good, from the first meeting, when they picked up us at downtown. The guy was very kind and interested in giving us the necessary advices about driving and car care. Also when we give the car back (it was white, and comes brown :-)), they were very busy because it was Aug 6th, but all of them perfect all the time. Great experience, great country, great driving... We'll repeat for sure. Sincere thanks to all of you, guys...

David  •  22. Aug 2016 Rented a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Automatic from GO Car Rental in July 2016

Company next to the airport keflavic. Delivery of the car in good condition and full tank according to the agreed time and place. The rental price a bit more compared to other companies in the pit area. The only thing is that the day we had to return the car to leave the keys in a mailbox as it was Sunday and had office closed (would be good if there was a responsibility to check that the car was in the same state as delivered ). Still recommend the company.

Daniel  •  22. Aug 2016 Rented a Volkswagen Polo from GO Car Rental in August 2016

I liked very much my experience in Iceland. GO Car Rental gave me a Subaru Forrester instead a Dacia Duster. The Subaru is a very good, new end very confortable car but in isn't a disel car like I'd asked in my reservation. But it doesn't matter much.

Matteo  •  19. Aug 2016 Rented a Dacia Duster 4x4 from GO Car Rental in July 2016

The experience with GO Car Rental was great. For personal reasons I delayed the pickup time for 4 hours and when asked, they gave me a couple of extra hours for de return time. This flexibility and good will is something I really appreciated.
Concerning the car, it was great… spacious, clean, comfortable. It even had GPS which I did not ask (nor payed) for. During my visit all mountain (4x4) roads were closed so in the end I did not make a good use of the four-wheel drive. That is my main advice if you are renting a car in Iceland: "Think twice if you really want to rent a 4x4 car… most probably you won't need it!"
The return of the car was painless. There was the necessary car condition checks, but nothing that could make the process boring or uncomfortable for me as the client.
Overall, the service was great. I would use their service again and, hence, I recommend it to new (potential) costumers as well.
João Lourenço

João  •  15. Aug 2016 Rented a Dacia Duster 4x4 from GO Car Rental in June 2016

Renting GCR was excellent experience overall. Initially when we arrived we missed the representative in the Arrivals area and we became confused between GO Car and GO Iceland .... this took a little time to straighten out, but once we'd managed this we didn't look back! The GCR representative was extremely professional and friendly and the return process worked smoothly. Through the trip (2000km) the Subaru performed well, although when we do it again (which we will for sure) I will probably trade up to something bigger - we learned that in the amazing Iceland you can never have big enough wheels!

James  •  12. Aug 2016 Rented a Subaru XV 4x4 from GO Car Rental in July 2016

This form (and the email that the link came it) is fantastic user experience design! I'm not sure if the email was auto-generated (as these things tend to be) but I definitely didn't feel that way when I received it. So thank you for that!

My trip to Iceland was fantastic. My friend and I were able to get around the ring road in about 6 days, and put close to 3000km on the car. Although we reserved a VW Polo, we were actually given a Skoda (can't remember the model). It was a much newer car with only about 10,000km on it, so the swap was not an issue at all. The staff were great at the rental office. The guy that helped us when we picked the car up was a little late (we were scheduled to pick the car up at 9am). We were happy to wait but he apologized and did not charge us for the extra driver for causing an inconvenience. Again, the wait was not a big deal at all, but we appreciated the gesture. Drop-off was simple as well, and the woman who checked the car drove us to a bus stop for the FlyBus.

We obeyed all road signs and never took the car onto F roads or 4x4 areas. If I were doing this trip again I would have definitely saved a bit more money and reserved a 4x4 vehicle. We enjoy exploring (and both have owned Jeep's back in Canada). It would have been great to explore more, even though we feel like we saw a tremendous amount of Iceland!

Patrick  •  09. Aug 2016 Rented a Volkswagen Polo from GO Car Rental in July 2016

Pick up & drop off of the car was easy, clear & hassle free.

Instead of a Polo I got a Clio, but a very clean & new one.

I'm happy I opted for the full insurance package. Although I did not end up in sand or ash storms, July was the month of quite some maintenance and road repairs. I did end up with some chips on the hood, but luckily at no extra costs.

Inge  •  16. Jul 2017 Rented a Volkswagen Polo from GO Car Rental in July 2017

The car was just right for our needs and the price was excellent. Picking up the car at the airport took a bit longer than we had hoped, but otherwise, everything worked great.

Kelly  •  25. Jun 2017 Rented a - 2017 Dacia Logan from GO Car Rental in June 2017

The people working at GO Car Rental are very friendly, everything went smoothly and without problems, the customer service was also always around when I needed them and the car was in perfect condition. The only thing that sadly didn't work out was that the car I booked was not available (VW Polo), I got a good replacement instead though (Renault Clio). All in all a great experience, Iceland was wonderful and I'd definitely recommend GO Car Rental in terms of price and service, it's a very young and sympathetic start-up car rental agency.

Adani  •  25. Apr 2017 Rented a Volkswagen Polo from GO Car Rental in April 2017

Go car was great. they pick up near our Airbnb place in Reykjavik and they drive me back to the bus station at the end.
The Jimmy was what I expected minus one thing: for a 2016 model there was not 1/8 jack for playing music ( or Usb plug) and the car radio was unable to find any radio frequency . So we, me and my daughter, listen music with the faint speaker of our laptop. The Jimmy was easy to drive and we loved the 4x4 side when we encounter snow and ice on the top of mountain road.

Pierre  •  18. Apr 2017 Rented a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Automatic from GO Car Rental in March 2017

Northbound was great! They picked us up from our hotel, were extremely helpful at the agency, and then we easily dropped the car off at the airport. Truly a hassle free experience. My only complaint was that the windshield wipers were a bit run down and the defroster worked sporadically--next time I would check those things before leaving.

Katrina  •  04. Jan 2017 Rented a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Automatic from GO Car Rental in December 2016

Excellent, the car was easy to drive and was very well maintained

Wen Cong  •  19. Sep 2016 Rented a Volkswagen Polo from GO Car Rental in September 2016

Overall great rental experience. Go Car Rental representative was at the airport arrival hall upon my arrival with my name on his sign. It was a quick 2 min drive in their vehicle to rental car parking lot where I picked up my Jimny. Signed some papers, was provided with some important info, given our discount fuel card and away I went. The Jimny was a great choose for our party of 2 as it is a very small vehicle. Unbelievably noisy on gravel roads/f-roads but got us where we needed to go! We ended up getting gravel protection last minute, and definitely added piece of mind during the trip. The only minor negative detail is that we booked/paid for a 2017 model and the owners manual Indicated a 2015 model with over 100km. When we questioned the rental company regarding this, they stated it was 2016 model and that there was no difference between the year of models. We never pressed further as the Jimny did us well all week! Easy & smooth online booking with Northbound through their website. Both Northbound & Go Car Rental responded quickly to emails as well. Would recommend both companies.

Kimberly Lynne  •  03. Jul 2017 Rented a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 from GO Car Rental in June 2017

We were given a good car and had only one issue with the brakes during the trip due to dust accumulation. However, due to proximity to the mechanics during our trip Northbound managed to arrange for this issue to be fixed in a quick manner. We also hired chairs and a table, however one of the bracings on the table was previously snapped which wasn't great. In hindsight we should have checked this once we received it but it would be helpful if the additional items are checked for soundness prior to handover to the customers.

Sina  •  19. Jun 2017 Rented a Subaru Forester 4x4 from GO Car Rental in June 2017

The representative from Go Car Rental arrived at the airport on time to take us to pick our vehicle. After a quick familarisation of the car, a check for any external damage and being told where to drop the key when we returned the car we were on our way for 6 days exploring the southern part of Iceland. We hadn't gone very far when we noticed that the interior of the car hadn't been cleaned prior to our pickup but more importantly the warning light indicating that the left front tyre was low on pressure. When we stopped to check the tyres, the pressure in that tyre was correct but the rear right-hand tyre had low pressure. After inflating the tyre the warning light still showed the left front tyre pressure was low. We decide to continue our journey and to frequently check the tyres. This worked well until the morning of our third day when we found the rear right-hand tyre was flat. Staff at the hotel in which were staying were able to direct me to where I could get the tyre repaired at which time I was informed that there was a stone in the tyre causing a leak. Once the tyre was repaired we had no further problems other than the tyre warning light still being illuminated.
I emailed Go Car Rentals explaining the situation and they informed me that they were changing the people they had contracted to clean their cars and that they would reimburse me the cost of the tyre repair which they did in a few days.

Ralph  •  24. Oct 2016 Rented a Volkswagen Golf Automatic from GO Car Rental in September 2016

Patrischa Humm

Wenshi Chen
Very satisfied with Go Car Rental.

Thomas Sailing
The best customer service

Hannah Morton
Highly recommend

Tim Bender
Go Car Rental is awesome.

Ri Caragol
Very friendly!

Crystal Loya
Great, great experience.

Shannon Nuhfer
Experience Iceland in style

Alex Shafiro
Down to earth

Ben Babcock
Made our trip amazing!

Scott R  •  20. Mar 2015
Canada-made Ford Escape!

Emily K  •  22. Feb 2015
Good surprises

Yuhua  •  16. Dec 2014

Important Information

Mileage / Kilometres Unlimited kilometres
How can I pay on Northbound?

This supplier offers 100% and 15% payment on Northbound.

If you pay 15% when you book online you'll need to pay the remaining 85% when you arrive to pickup your vehicle. You can see the payment methods this supplier accepts below.

You will not pay anything extra once you arrive, no hidden fees/taxes or booking fees on arrival.

Northbound accepts payment with the following credit cards:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Union Pay

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How can I pay when I pickup the car?

100% Payment

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Credit Cards

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Cash is not accepted.

Excess / Security Deposit

The main driver must be in possession of a credit card in their own name when picking up the car. The Card must have enough available funds to cover the excess / deposit amount.

The overwhelming majority of rentals on Northbound, the usual procedure consists of imprinting your credit card and keeping it on file for the duration of your rental.

No amount is withheld from your credit card in those cases.

Age Requirements Minimum age limit for this car is 20.
The car hire company’s age-related charges and restrictions will apply to all additional drivers.
Drivers License If your driving license is printed with non-Roman letters such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian etc. you will need an International Driving License.
Cross-border Customers whose travel plans include driving outside the country of rental (or crossing borders or travelling to different islands within the same country) must advise us before they pick the car up. Restrictions may apply for certain countries which may require the customer to pay additional fees.
Please note that cross-border travel is not allowed with this car hire company.