2019 Renault Kangoo CamperGuaranteed ModelWhen a rental car has the Guaranteed Model badge it means you will receive exactly this vehicle.

Camper Automatic Seats 3 people Sleeps 2 2 Large Bag(s)
This camper is not allowed on F-Roads, which means it cannot drive up the marked Icelandic Highland roads in any circumstance.   It has unlimited mileage, so you do not pay anything extra for the miles you drive the car. You will... See More
be given a full tank of gas and should return it with the same amount of gas when you received the vehicle. The vehicle runs on Diesel. Fits 3 people at the most and can carry a maximum of 2 large bag(s). There is also room for 2 people to sleep. You can cancel this vehicle anytime until 48 hours to your pickup.

The supplier for this vehicle requires the driver to be at least 20 years old to drive this vehicle and needs to have held a valid drivers license for at least 12 months.

Supplier Description:

The Renault Kangoo Camper Van is a reliable and convenient 2wd car rental choice for those who wish to experience Iceland in total freedom. Drive to your destinations and pull over to camp for a day or two. Explore Iceland’s Ring Road comfortably in a camper van that has all the amenities you’ll need - heating, a gas stove, small refrigerator, mattress, pillows, and more! Sleeps two people comfortably and even contains additional storage.
Over-night Cabin Heating System
Air Conditioning
AUX Port
Bed Linen
Camping Chairs
Camping Table
Cooler (Electric)
Cruise Control
Gas Stove
Heated Seating
Pot(s) and Pan(s)
Sleeping Bags
Storage Area
USB Connection
Water Container
24 Hour Breakdown Service
€9,55 / day
Our portable 4G router keeps you connected and spares... See More
you roaming fees throughout your trip. 5gb data included.
€11,46 / day
Prepaying your fuel, offers you the comfort and spares... See More
you the time of having to worry about fuel expenses and refueling at the end of the rental.
Supplier Information
This supplier accepts cash as payment for the rental and does not accept cash as a security deposit.
The main driver must be in possession of a credit card when picking up the car.
Pre-paid credit cards are not accepted for security deposits.
The supplier takes an imprint of the customers credit card and doesn't withhold anything from the credit card.