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The Puffin Watching tours with Special Tours, Puffin Express, have been popular for over a decade! Special Tours is a pioneer in Puffin Watching in Iceland.

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Tour Highlights

Great views of Reykjavík
Expert guides

Our expertise, more than 20years of experience, and our especially designed boat, Skúlaskeið or “Old Skuli”, make us the leading expert in the area. The Puffin Express adventure starts at the Old Harbour of Reykjavík and they only take one hour. It is an inexpensive and charming option for everyone.

Lundey and Akurey are two small islands located in the Reykjavík bay area, only 15 minutes away from Reykjavík‘s Old harbour, from where we depart. The islands are covered with small hills and slopes and both are well known for their colorful birdlife. The island‘s shores are rocky but Old Skuli is especially designed to take us as close to the islands as possible due to its shallow draught.

When we arrive to the islands we turn off the engine so our passengers can observe the birds and the beautiful surroundings. Our licensed guide tells all about the Puffins and other birds of interest that are often seen on the Puffin watching tours.

Other birds spotted include Northern Fulmars, Gulls, Arctic Terns, and Black Guillemots.

Our Puffin Watching Tours are very cozy and comfortable, and they only take one hour, which is convenient for Iceland‘s tourists’ precious time.

Supplied By: Special Tours

What's included?

  • Special Tours offer 100% viewing guarantee
  • Pick-up service in the greater Reykjavik area
  • 1 hour tour - perfect to fit into a busy schedue! :)
  • Binoculars are provided on board
  • Specially designed boat to get as close to the islands as possible
  • 21 years of experience
  • Experienced guide & friendly crew on every tour!

What's Required?

  • Warm clothing
  • Appropriate footwear
  • *We recommend a good zoom lens for close-up photography as the Puffins are small sized birds

How do we get there?

Hotel pick ups available. 

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This tour is also great for sightseeing Reykjavik from sea!
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