1 hr snowmobile tour from Gullfoss

Are you driving Golden circle on your own? Then maybe you would like to add a little excitement to your day, with a 1 hour, thrilling selfdrive snowmobile add-on from Gullfoss waterfall!

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Thrilling snowmobile self-drive

Are you driving Golden circle on your own? Then maybe you would like to add a little excitement to your day, with a 1 hour, thrilling self drive snowmobile add-on from Gullfoss waterfall!

 You can meet our driver on the upper parking area, by Gullfoss waterfall,where you can climb aboard one of our super jeeps or mountain buses for transfer up to Langjokull glacier base. The drive to there alone is an adventure!

Once you are at the base, you will be geared up for a fantastic snowmobile adventure, for 1 hour of adrenaline inducing drive.

 Scheduled meeting times are at 11:00 or 12:30, every day.

However, if the timing changes, we will need your valid mobile phone number to contact you and inform you of the time change. Please don’t forget to fill out your phone number in the booking form.

Supplied By: Activity Iceland

What's included?

  • Super jeep or truck transfer from Gullfoss to base, and back.
  • 1 hour snowmobile trip, shared ride,and all the safety equipment for the Snowmobile trip
  • Please book a single ride snowmobile if you are a solo traveler, or travelling in an odd number group (3,5,7 etc)

What's Required?

  • Must be 17 and hold fully valid drivers licence
  • Water proof jacket
  • Water proof shoes
  • Warm sweater

How do we get there?

Contact us the day before to confirm departure time. 

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You can expect any kind of weather in Iceland, and your snowmobile tour might be cancelled with short notice due to weather. Your safety is our number one priority!
The total tour duration depends on driving conditions each time, so the time plan needs to remain flexible. Please keep this in mind when planning your day.
You must be 17 and hold a fully valid driving license to drive a snowmobile.

Age limit for passengers is min. 8 years.
If you are travelling with younger children, contact the office for options.

*Please be sure to bring clothing suitable for all conditions as the weather in Iceland can be unpredictable
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