Flying Buggy

A Flying Buggy is a two seater, slow flying motor aircraft, able to fly low over the ground (ultimate for airborne sightseeing), land in small places (perfect for sightseeing stops) and fun for aerobatic stomach churning stuff (if that’s your cup of tea).

39000 ISK
very easy
1 hours
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Tour Highlights

Reykjavík city
Atlantic ocean
Lava fields
Geothermal area
Rugged mountains
Take the wheel!

The Flying Buggy is the perfect way to see the stunning area surrounding Reykjavík. The tiny little islands just outside the city and the rugged geothermal area comes to life once you soar up high above the ground in this tiny little aircraft.

The wings are overhead and the doors/windows can be opened upward for a perfectly unobstructed view and the perfect photographic opportunity. You take to the air with your own private flying instructor, making every flight a personal experience. If you want a slow sightseeing flight, or an exciting adrenaline filled experience, each person can have a tailor made experience to meet their wishes.

Some of the view you might experience: the vast Atlantic ocean, Reykjavík city and it’s tiny islands, lava fields and the geothermal area producing the smoke giving Reykjavík it’s name.

You will explore: the rugged mountains and lava formations of the bay, coastline skimming with bird spotting, up-close mountain soaring with the birds. Adrenaline option: optional aerobatic stomach-churning moves (if that’s your cup of tea). If conditions allow you might get to take the wheel (joystick, actually).

The Flying Buggy is the ultimate Adventure flight to experience the beauty of Reykjavík, Iceland from above. From a unique point of view, with a local free flying enthusiast. 

Supplied By: Happyworld

What's included?

  • 15-20 min Flying Buggy (Ultralight) flight.

What's Required?

  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring your camera if you like
  • Optionally, you can choose the Video/Photos bookable extra to use our GoPro and get the files from your flight

How do we get there?

Pick ups are available from Hotels in Reykjavík. Pick up starts 30 minutes prior to departure. 

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The Ultralight is a two seater aircraft, for just you and your pilot, making each experience totally personalised.
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