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Spending a whole day travelling on horseback is truly Icelandic!

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Icelandic horse
All day riding
Expert guidance

While riding one of them, you will lead the other horse beside you and later on change. Our guides will explain to you how to do that comfortably. Riding Icelandic style with a "handhorse" is certainly a unique and wonderful experience.

During the ride you will follow the Húseyjarkvísl stream and explore the glacial river delta Héraðsvötn, where you will see a wide variety of birds during the season. You will be enjoying the impressive panorama of the Skagafjörður mountains, while tölting on nice and comfortable riding paths.

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What's included?

  • We provide a riding helmet (mandatory), waterproofs (if needed), plastic lunch boxes and saddle bags, to transport your food and drinks while riding

What's Required?

  • Temperatures in the summer can range from freezing to 20° C, so be prepared for all kinds of weather. We recommend a sweater and a windproof jacket as well as gloves. Wear comfortable pants and strong shoes (hiking boots are fine). Please note that we require you to wear a helmet when riding with us, so if you'd like to wear a woolen hat or head band, make sure it's a thin one and fits comfortably under a helmet. We strongly recommend that you have your own personal insurance when joining a riding tour in Iceland.

How do we get there?

Please meet us at our office 15 minutes before the agreed time of departure.

560 Varmahlíð, Iceland.

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Please bring your own packed lunch for a picknick during the rideIn case you bring your own riding clothes and boots, they must be disinfected before you arrive. It is prohibited by Icelandic law to bring used riding gear including saddles, bridles, etc. into the country, as well as used leather riding boots, other leather riding wear or riding gloves. Riding clothes, rubber riding boots and any other gear should be machine-washed (min. 40°) or dry-cleaned (chemically cleaned), and disinfected with VirkonS®.We reserve the right to alter any itinerary in the guests' best interest and for reasons of safety. This will not reduce the quality of our tours! 
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