Car was a great companion on my 3 week Icelandic summer adventure. It didn’t accelerate as quickly and smoothly as I would have liked but held its own on many types of roads and weather situation so I’m happy.
Seryi rented a vehicle in August 2021
reliable car, well suited as a 4x4, the gears are very short so that driving in a town is not the best. Very good gas consumption, diesel at 5.5 l / 100 km.
Jean-michel rented a vehicle in August 2021
Rental experience overall was fine, due to the extreme shortage of cars available we booked super early and price was still crazy. The car had just been turned in the night before with a softball-sized smash in the windshield that they didn't have time to fix, but they included insurance and a wifi thing to compensate, and the guy was polite and apologetic. It wasn't in great shape overall, a 2017 with 160,000 km and many many strange rattles, but made it across lots of crazy F-road drives. PS a Jimny is smaaaaaaallllllllllll.
John rented a vehicle in August 2021
I was a little disappointed because I got a Renault Clio instead of the VW Polo I had booked, but when I got used to it, it was OK.
Gunilla rented a vehicle in July 2021
The Northbound representative originally misunderstood my order and cancelled my car. When they booked it again, it was double the price. When I informed them, they ordered the car again and also gave me the original price. That is great customer service. We picked up the car, but it was not available so they upgraded our car. The experience at GO Car went well too! The person who checked us in was nice. I returned the car and everything was great!
Gail rented a vehicle in July 2021
My husband and I were very satisfied with our car choice. The office for pickup and drop off was very close to the airport. We didn't have any issues when on the road.
Beth rented a vehicle in July 2021
Hey! I went to Iceland on March (before covid) for holidays. It was a great experience. GO Car had frequent airport pickup. The vehicle behaved perfectly (Dacia Duster). Price was alright. They offered a ride back to our hotel the day we had to return the car. The one thing that could have been better is to inform beforehand about the payment sistem for the tunnels (I didn't know about the online payment of the tunnel to the north of Akureyri and they charged me an additional tax)
Tomas rented a 4x4 in February 2020
Great car! And a guy from GO Car Rental was waiting for us upon arrival so we were able to get on the road quickly.
Danny rented a 4x4 in March 2020
Nice car. Very good service front Go Car Rental. We will rent again.
Gerard rented a 4x4 in February 2020
Excellent service and value, we were met at the arrivals lounge with the car waiting in the carpark. The car was superb and made are holiday in Iceland epic.
Darren rented a 4x4 in February 2020
Our experience with Go Car was hassle free and very straight forward. Our flights were delayed but there was still someone who met us at the arrivals hall to take us to the car. Their prices were definitely the best value and the 2019 jimny was a great little 4x4.
Helen rented a 4x4 in September 2019
we liked it very much.
Maya rented a 4x4 in September 2019
Experience was great. Quick and simple. Car was inexpensive. I would use again.
Terreena rented a 4x4 in September 2019
Amit rented a 4x4 in September 2019
New car great experience
Moshe rented a 4x4 in August 2019
We had a "similar" car which was Subaru xv. Car was very nice and good. Only remarkable difference was that I rent diesel and subaru was petrol. Fuel consumption was a bit bigger. I rent also two camping mattress with car and those were quite poor. Gps, sleeping bags and cooling box was good. Service was good. Thanks :)
Kimmo rented a 4x4 in August 2019
Excellent service. I would suggest them. Closed To the airport.
Laura rented a 4x4 in August 2019
Great car, the only down was that tire pressure was not checked (and air pressure warning was on since the beginning of the rental). So I had to add air pressure the first day of the rental.
Joel rented a 4x4 in August 2019
At first the rental company said they did not receive confirmation for my reservation and told us the car is not available, but there were going to get a call to their boss and see what they can do. After 30 to 40 minutes they come back and told us they found us a new vehicle so everything worked out fine at the end, but there was some time of stress and uncertainty in the beginning. We got a little bigger car than reserved which was nice, as for the vehicle everything was fine. The person from the car rental company was kind and explain everything needed. The drop of procedure was very easy as we just needed to leave the car at their parking spots and the airport.
Aleksandar rented a hatchback in August 2019
We had An upgrade with a tucson which worked Just fine and It Was delivered to Us earlier.
Francesca rented a 4x4 in August 2019
Stanislav rented a hatchback in August 2019
Absolutely fantastic!

Only suggestion we have to improve service, is we we're not aware that a representative would greet us upon exit from arrivals hall.

We exited, and began searching for a Go rental booth along with the other providers.

Perhaps a clarity in the confirmation email in bold letters "A GO representative will greet you as you exit the arrivals hall..."

Sapna rented a 4x4 in August 2019
Finally, we got a Nissan Qashqai 4x4
Diego rented a 4x4 in July 2019
Vyliaudas rented a 4x4 in August 2019
Easy car rental process. We were met at the airport with our car after getting our bags. The VW Golf was the perfect size for 3 of us with 3 bags and 3 backpacks. To return the car you just drop it off at the car rental return area and leave the keys in the car. You can easily walk to the airport from there. My only concern was there was no one to check the car over when we dropped it off. I did take a video of our car upon return to be sure I am not charged for any damage that wasn’t there when I dropped it off. Other than that it was a great experience!
Debra rented a hatchback in August 2019
It was absolutely amazing, the car got us everywhere we wanted to go. We needed up driving something like 2,400 kilometers and never had any problems with the car, even once.
Wit rented a 4x4 in July 2019
It was great, and much roomier than I thought it would be - held 2 large suitcases in the back plus a smaller suitcase and a lot of STUFF!! We all rode comfortably and it seemed like gas mileage was really good.
Frances kennerly rented a hatchback in August 2019
Goooood! Very nice , not pushi, helpfull people. The car was not old, although there were some chips and cracks showing it was used for purpose it was built. F roads. This is the car that will never let you down even in complicated situations. Nothing happened during our 9 day trip, but I was sure Go guys are ready to help if I would need one.
Tamas rented a 4x4 in July 2019
Go car rental was great, the prices were by far the best and the staff were lovely. The process of collecting and dropping off the car was very simple and convenient. The car itself has some troubles in terms of stalling at unexpected times.
Jessie rented a 4x4 in July 2019
Claudiu-octavian rented a 4x4 in July 2019
Rochus rented a 4x4 in July 2019
Had an excellent experience with them. Perfect car, very good service. Don't hesitate to contact them if you're looking for a rental car.
Wim rented a 4x4 in July 2019

I had a wonderful trip with the vehicle. The service was perfect. Again with Northbound.
Richard rented a 4x4 in July 2019
The car was excellent. But when we returned the car, I tried to call Go Car rental three times for shutteling us from the Parking area to the Airport. We couldn‘t reach the Company. At the parking area we have seen that it isn‘t far from there to the Airport but I think for a company it is better to answer incomming calls.
Katharina rented a 4x4 in July 2019
The pick-up was easy, and it was easy to add extra insurance for gravel and an extra driver. The vehicle was suitable for driving on rougher roads in the Westfjords. The price was good. We would book again.
Samantha rented a 4x4 in June 2019
Everything went as expected with the rental car. The car was exactly as promised, and in good shape. The representative from GO met us at the airport after we arrived, and took us to pick up the car. Everything went perfectly, and the price was the best i found after much research. Would definitely use again!
Michael rented a station in July 2019
Walter rented a minibus in July 2019
It was perfect with everything we needed
David rented a 4x4 in July 2019
I had a fantastic time with the company and everything went smoothly. Thanks so much for the shuttle to and from Reykjavik! My only, very small, suggestion is make sure to tell the person everything looks good with the car when they drop it off and maybe even have both them and the person taking the car back in sign a form. I'm always a bit anxious about later hearing I'm going to be charged thousands of dollars for something that never happened and then not be able to refute it because of there not being a paper trail saying the car passed the intake check. That said, I had a lot of fun driving a much newer version of the car I already own back home and felt like I could reach back out to the company if anything went wrong.
Madeline rented a 4x4 in July 2019
We had a great experience with Go Car Rental. They picked us up at the airport, took us to our car, explained everything and off we went. We also had a super easy time dropping the car back off. Overall excellent.
Jason rented a hatchback in June 2019
Très bonne expérience avec GO Car Rental. L'agent de location était à l'heure à l'aéroport, nous a conduit sur le parking de l' agence, donné les explications relatives aux conditions d' assurances nous avons payé le complément dû en rajoutant une assurance contre les risques causés par les gravillons. Effectivement la route principale est en travaux par endroits les itinéraires de delestage en cailloux. Je recommande un 4/4 plutôt qu une berline trop basse. Prise en mains facile.
Helene rented a 4x4 in June 2019
GO Car Rental was overall great to work with. However, there was one problem at the beginning of the rental: we were supposed to be picked up at 9AM at the Alda Hotel, but GO sent a car to the airport, instead. The hotel called on my behalf, and GO sent a car to pick us up, but that mean we were late by about 45 minutes. GO told me that the information is typed in manually to their system, so it must have been an error on their side.

Other than that, the Skoda Octavia was
pretty good to drive. It performed well and we had very few issues. The day before we were to return the car, we started hearing a loud squealing/clanging coming from the driver's side front tire. We called GO several times to ask about this. They were patient with us, and advised us to take off the tire and try to remove gravel from the brake pad. This worked, but I imagine it would have been difficult for people who were not as mechanically-inclined (or could not lift a tire) to do so.

Overall, we received very good customer service from GO and would rent from them again.
Lisa rented a station in June 2019
They were really friendly and accommodating, the car was great for traveling around. Northbound were fantastic for helping me find a car I could hire.
Joe rented a 4x4 in June 2019
The car was very capable on the roads of varying difficulty. Thumbs up for the customer service of both, GO Car Rental and Northbound, everything went well and we could always rely on their good service. If I'm ever coming back to Iceland (I will), I know where to get the car.
Peeter rented a 4x4 in June 2019
Great company
Ahmed rented a 4x4 in June 2019
Car was brand new as promised. Service from Go Car Rental was excellent, as they waited 4 hours in the airport due to our cancelled flight. Drop off on departure day was easy and close to departure hall.
Will definetely choose Go Car Rental again, and high recommend to others.
Jørgen rented a 4x4 in June 2019
Great car, comfortable, easy to drive, plenty of power and very economical.
Carmel rented a station in May 2019
A fine little ride that was absolutely able to conquer the world. Or at least Iceland. It took us to places we would never have reached without this little 4X4.
The people from GO we’re friendly and helpfull. Picked us up at the airport and gave us short but clear instructions about the car. Drop-off was easy with the keys in the glove compartment.
Downside? Well....maybe the one radiospeaker that didn’t work, the noise the car produced or the fact that it acted like a windsurfboard with a little wind. But isn’t that all part of
the adventure?
Casper rented a 4x4 in April 2019
We rented our car from GO Car Rental using the service provided by Northbound. We just want to say everything was perfect. We had an unfortunate moment with the car, we just called them and they took care of the situation immediately, they brought a new upgraded car to where we were. Service was reliable and everything was excellent. If we visit one day Iceland again, we will definitely use their service again. As a brief, we definitely recommend them. Thank you Go Car Rental and Northbound for everything.
Muhammet gökhan rented a 4x4 in March 2019
very good car and very good service for a nice trip.
Petcharayut rented a 4x4 in March 2019
My daughter and me were very happy to visit your very beautiful country.
The car was very perfect for the first trip part but too light for driving in the snow and the freezing pavement the last day ( friday 22 march). We have start at 08h30 from Hofn and joint the airport at 16H00. Regards. j-f DACIER
Jean frederic rented a 4x4 in March 2019
Upgraded to 2017 Nissan Qashqai. 120,000 or so on the clock. Built in SatNav. Few minor dents at pick up but otherwise in good nick. Excellent service from Go Car Rental. No comebacks. Strongly recommend.
Nigel rented a 4x4 in February 2019
we had some difficulties with the 4x4 function on the first jimmy we got and called with the northbound. They replaced the old the jimmy for a new one wich was perfect. Really liked the car.
Nicholas rented a 4x4 in March 2019
Everything went smoothly with our rental. We rented a four wheel drive with tire studs and was glad to have it in a brief snow storm. I would use this service again.
Lisa rented a 4x4 in March 2019
We had an excellent experience with GO car rental. They were professional, easy to use and we love that we got the car we ordered on the site, (and not something similar, as it said that it could possibly be). Thank you!
Kristen rented a 4x4 in February 2019
We loved everything! Their service was very punctual, the car looked great (with a few dents but ok). Zero complaints! Highly recommend them
Carlos rafael rented a 4x4 in February 2019
Very good experience, car mode was exactly the one I booked
Simone rented a 4x4 in February 2019
Our Journey to Iceland was really great! The Car Rental at Northbound was easy! An Agent collect us at the Airport and after 2 Minutes Paper writing we was on the Road. Car was clean and everything works as good as well. I would rent my next Car there again!
Sascha rented a 4x4 in February 2019
Very good experience, the not so good news first, we had to wait around 10 minutes for the rep to sort out some other clients but he explained what was happening so that was OK. Other than that everything was fine. Ordered an older car and got a 2015 Jimny 4x4 Automatic that had seen some action but nobody wants a pristine car in winter in Iceland potentially going off road. It was great value and got us around and goes everywhere the 4 x 4 Mercedes with the big wheels can.
Don’t be put off by the
negativity around a do it yourself drive get a 4x4 from these guys!
Martin rented a 4x4 in December 2018
Good with our 5 days trip. Just nice for two of us. Can fit in 3 luggages.
Yin ying rented a 4x4 in December 2018
The van we reserved met our needs - we had 7 people plus luggage and there was plenty of room. The driver that picked us up was very nice and helpful. I would use this company again.
Elizabeth rented a minibus in November 2018
We booked a car the past november for 15. When we met at the airport, the guy was very friendly and clear. The car was clean and very comfortable. When we left the car at the airport again, there is a shuttle bus service, good idea.
From the very start till the end, everything was perfect!
Thank you very much
Isabel rented a 4x4 in November 2018
Awesome experience. We found our rental thanks to Northbound Comparator Portal (the price was lower than directly with the car company !) . The renting company was GO Car Rental (in the suburds of Reykjavik) . The car was the one booked (Dacia Duster), few kilometers and very clean. The staff at offices were very helpful and friendly (they can pick you up at your hotel). That helped us achieving a wonderful journey in Iceland

Philippe (France)
Philippe rented a 4x4 in June 2017
The car is in the good condition and didn’t give us any trouble during the 10 days trip we drove some F road and the car works great. It is a little bit crowded for three people . The price is unbeatable..
Haiying rented a 4x4 in September 2018
Booking via northbound portal was easy quick. Support by liam was excellent, all queries were responded by the team. One feedback while handing over the car , I had ask for feature overview. This should be done by default, as many customer would appreciate to know key features. They may not be driving the same car. Rest everything was perfect.
Saurabh rented a 4x4 in October 2018
GO Car Rental is great! The car was in fantastic condition and was exactly what we needed. Pickup/dropoff at KEF was very easy. I would absolutely rent from GO again. I would recommend sand/gravel protection as some roads kick up rocks. One minor complaint we had is that the WiFi device we rented for the car was temperamental and did not always work well. Other than that was a great experience!
Meaghan rented a hatchback in October 2018
We had a very positive experience. Go car were more then accommidating. The fCia Logan was a nice and fuel efficient.
Nancy rented a station in October 2018
Experience was great, we were really happy with the rental and the interactions we had with Go Car Rental. No problems with the car or on the road. Northbound was really helpful too to be able to compare companies. I will definitely recommend you to the people I know if they plan a trip to Iceland!
Matthieu rented a 4x4 in September 2018
It surpassed my expectations.
Ryan rented a minibus in September 2018
The whole rental experience was very satisfactory. Although it was a last minute rental, Northbound's site was very easy to use and enabled me to make compare prices and car models from different car rentals. The prices are also very reasonable. They immediately sent me confirmation and instructions on how to proceed after I've settled the online payment, I was also immediately contacted by Go Car rental as well. As soon as I got to Keflavík Airport, an employee from Go Car rental messaged me that he is already at the arrivals waiting for me. He explained the insurance policy very quickly but really went into specifics. We got the exact model that we had initially rented and I am very pleased with the Subaru XV. We Didi the ring road and the Subaru XV was easy to handle. We did not encounter any problems and the Subaru that we rented was able to maneuver well even in difficult roads and terrains of Iceland. There were days when the wind gust was terrible but the Subaru was still very controllable. I would definitely use Northbound and Go Car Rental again if I had the chance to go back to Iceland.
Rachelle ann rented a 4x4 in September 2018
I experienced no problems. Neither with the ca itself nor with the service.
Katarzyna rented a 4x4 in September 2018
We were very happy with our GO car experience. The pick up and drop off was easy, and the car was perfect for our needs. Our GPS rental unit however would not charge. we called GO car, but they were unable to help us with the problem over the phone. Now that I am home, I emailed them and they very promptly replied and said that they would be crediting my account for amount of the rental. I am happy with the result.
Connie rented a hatchback in September 2018
Very good. Easy pickup and drop off. We were late getting to the rental agent after landing, and he was still there waiting as promised.
The drop off could not be easier. Just leave the car and walk away.
Shelly rented a 4x4 in September 2018
Petur frank rented a hatchback in September 2018
The Subaru was a great car for us to drive around. It was in good shape and the GO Car rep did a good job of documenting existing dings, etc. before we drove away. Such an easy process: he was waiting for us when we walked out of baggage claim, had the paperwork ready to complete, subbed wifi for the GPS I had ordered, and gave good information on returning the vehicle.
Lisa rented a 4x4 in September 2018
Very good experience. Got picked up at the airport by GO Car Rental to my actual car. Everything was convenient, form pickup to drop off. Everything went the way it was suppose to.
Diem rented a hatchback in September 2018
The vehicle was newer than expected, that was plus. The wifi add-on was great for our planning, navigation and other needs. The team responded to emails, contacted us by phone at the airport when we got a little turned around and gave explicit directions when I got confused about the drop off. Very happy with the whole experience. I think for the money and what I needed it was cheaper than companies right at the terminal. Also, the insurance package information was more clear.
John rented a 4x4 in August 2018
Ce véhicule nous a parfaitement convenu pour faire le tour du pays avec nos deux enfants. Le coffre est très grand pour un véhicule de cette catégorie. La consommation très raisonnable. Rapport qualité-prix donc très bon. Nous sommes très satisfaits.
François rented a station in July 2018
We were very satisfied with the car.Good service.We recommend that the representative of the company meets the clients at the exit,where all passengers come out, with the name of the client, written on a sign.It would be nice that this person has some kind of recognition sign on his clothes,like an emblem for example.We had a little problem when we returned the car.There was not place to park it .May be the company can do something about it in the future.We still mean, that we can recommend your company to other people.Good car,good service and acceptable prices.
Vasil rented a station in August 2018
Very good overall experience
Stefan rented a hatchback in August 2018
We had a reasonable experience with Go Car Rental and Northbound, the only issue we ran into happened because we arrived later at the airport than we thought: it was quite complicated to get in touch with the rental agency and coordinate a pickup at the terminal. Go Car Rental's phone system was difficult to get through, and we had to call twice in order to get them to send a rep to pick us up (for this, I've deducted half a star). The other half star I am deducting because the extra insurance packages offered were quite expensive considering the base cost of the rental was already quite pricey.
Christopher rented a 4x4 in August 2018
Very good experience. We appreciated the good welcome at the airport. The car met our expectations.
Great idea to rent camping equipment at the same time as the car.
Patrick rented a 4x4 in July 2018
Excellent service, great car. A representative waited for us at the airport and guided us to our car which was a brand new Skoda Octavia. It had lots of space we brought for a family of four. Everything went really smooth. Highly recommended!
Rick rented a station in July 2018
Loved working with Go Car rental. Someone from their team picked us up early from the airport and gave us some much needed advice since it was our first time in Iceland and was extremely helpful. Would highly recommend renting from them!
Ashley rented a station in August 2018
It was great that driver was wainting us on arrival.
But we were disapointed that we were not informed that I will need to have a debit card with 2500€ limit. (I didn't had such so I had to pay more expensive insurence)
Juraj rented a hatchback in July 2018
Loved it!
There was someone waiting for us at the airport.
Quick and painless paperwork and drop off.
And the car was perfect for Icelandic roads!
Robert rented a 4x4 in July 2018
Very good!
But I concern about request nothing has any problem without check after return your car.
Kenji rented a station in July 2018
construction or repair in Iceland. Go Car told us it was the only Jimny in their fleet with new tires. The windshield wipers were worn, but we were lucky to have only two half-days of rain. Go Car should recognize that tourists require good wipers to appreciate the scenery. The Go Car representative was late in greeting us at the airport, a minor comment. I encountered a couple of service stations that would not accept my credit card, so I used N1 service stations and cards. At the end and as expected, I gave away an unused 5,000 ISK N1 card which I had been holding as a contingency. Perhaps your firm can help solve the problem of unused N1 cards. In conclusion, the Jimny performed admirably over twelve days of driving around the island, including the Westfjords and Westland. It was a bit cramped for driving, but I wanted to economize. Thank you for a good job.We carried two suitcases, a wheelchair for my wife, and assorted small bags. Liam Davies helped us size the vehicle with precise measurements to the cm. so that everything fit. Liam also got us a vehicle with new tough tires, very necessary for some of the roads under
Peter rented a 4x4 in July 2018
Good. Staff was very responsive to an issue encountered on the road. Very pleased.
Jun rented a 4x4 in July 2018
Very good first time experience with Go car rental. We were met at the airport and went through the paperwork & all the checks with the representative, it was much quicker & more efficient than our experience with alternative car rental companies in Iceland.
Maria rented a 4x4 in July 2018
It was a little bit chaotic to get the car since the agent was a bit overwhelmed by having two different customers to accommodate at the same time. She almost gave us the wrong car, and did not instruct us how and where to return the car before we asked. The car was fine, cute and quite comfortable. Once we understood the system, we had no problem returning the car. Overall, our experience was positive.
Marek rented a 4x4 in July 2018
Very uncomplicated and familiar. I would recommand northbound to my friends if they go to iceland.
Michael rented a 4x4 in July 2018
We had a good experience with the car.
Only thing that we found that could have been checked by you are the wipers.
they were not effective, and hence, when we were driving for 9 days, we had kind of a hard time to keep the windscreen dn back windshield clean, as the wipers were worn out and not good in cleaning.
Hope you can keep that checked for the other customers.
Kanaga rented a station in July 2018
Their sign at the arrival was hardly readable so I missed the guy from GO car the first time. But when I phoned them he came back quickly and was really Kind.
He explained everything about the rental agreement very weil.
Franziska rented a 4x4 in July 2018
We had a great experience renting a Subaru XV from GO Car Rental. The pickup and dropoff process was as smooth as possible, and the car itself was new, clean, and drove great. Highly recommend this company!
Stacey rented a 4x4 in June 2018
Solid experience renting from Go Car Rental through Northbound. We ended up with a Hyundai instead of the Subaru but it worked out just fine, fit all 4 of our large suitcases in the back and sat 4 comfortably, good solid car with good gas mileage, got us everywhere we needed to go. Price was very competitive, a little no frills with pickup and drop off versus the big car rental agencies, but worked out fine and probably helps to keep the price low so no complaints here. We had no issues. I would recommend and rent from them again.
Ellen rented a 4x4 in July 2018
Very good! Pick up and drop off procedures were clear. When we had questions, the crews were friendly.
Andrea rented a hatchback in July 2018
I had a great experience with Go Car Rental. The car was in really good condition and the accommodation drop off was really helpful. The only issue was that it was quite complicated to put the car into reverse so it would’ve been helpful to be given instruction on that before being left with the car.
Eliza rented a 4x4 in July 2018
Everything went extremely smoothly for our rental. The Nissan was a nice little SUV that seemed well-suited to the terrain we encountered. The only trouble we had was a flat tire due to some sharp rocks, but the Nissan was well equipped with the tools and spare we needed, and GO rental answered our call and directed us to a repair center (a small miracle, considering we were truly in the middle of nowhere). I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Thomas rented a 4x4 in June 2018
The experience was very good. The car pick up was efficent and straight forward the drop off very easy. The car was good for driving on gravel roads and very reliable. The only - let's say negative impression - was the state of the car: dirthy inside and outside a lot of damages ... for a 2017/2018 model. But we had no problems with that, it was just the impression.
Christoph rented a 4x4 in June 2018