About Northbound

Browse our platform and you might find the common characteristics we share with most other booking sites you've previously visited.

But, something feels different, doesn't it?

There's something in the air, the code. Something that tells you this place might not be all that it seems.

It's soul.

Northbound is not a corporation. We are a company, a group of people with a shared vision that it's possible to create success while still holding on to the core values of what makes us great.

We realized early on that, as a booking website that sells the product of others, we would need to develop a product of our own from the services we provide.

Our Product

Our product is our sky-high standards of service and quality.

Our product is our promise to travelers that we will only ever work with ethical, hard-working businesses that share our core values.

Our product is our years of experience with Icelandic travel that we translate into valuable advice for you.

Our product is the security in knowing that we will never refer you to a call center on the other side of the world if you have an issue.

Our product is Adventure.