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We are proud of our standards of quality and service and those standards are reflected in what our users have to say about us. Book your rental car with Northbound and rest assured that a strong team of travel advisors is prepared to assist with any of your questions or concerns both before or after your Adventure.

The Perfect Camper For Your Iceland Journey

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In a country as wide and uninhabited as Iceland, the ultimate road trip waits behind the wheel of a campervan vehicle. Unbound by hotel reservations, you have the freedom to explore the vast wilderness of Iceland, where there are, on average, only three people per square kilometer.

In your Icelandic motorhome you have complete control over your holiday in Iceland, and the type of holiday you wish for rests on the type of campervan you choose. Do you prefer the large residence on wheels or something economic, small and easy to handle? You will find the perfect camper with us.

Best Campers Iceland has to offer

One of the largest selections of Campervan rental cars in Iceland, Northbound is proud of the service we give our travelers and the excellence rating we have been gifted by our followers on Facebook and Google.

Explore our booking engine and find the perfect campervan for your upcoming Icelandic Adventure.

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Onze klant schreef Beoordelingen

Autoverhuurbedrijven in IJsland kunnen ongelooflijk verschillend zijn van elkaar dat is de reden waarom het lezen van de beoordelingen en het horen van wat anderen te zeggen hebben over hen is waarschijnlijk het belangrijkste wat je zult doen voordat u zich op een auto vestigen. Bezoek ons beoordelingscentrum om meer dan 7.000 getuigenissen van geverifieerde reizigers te vergelijken. 

  • Outstanding!

    Rented a vehicle in August 2021

    Northbound is a very reliable company. I have enjoyed its prompt and friendly service with excellent car condition. Toyota RAV4 is sturdy in dynamic Icelandic weather and very responsive to challenging road conditions. It has strong horsepower a...

  • Outstanding!

    Rented a vehicle in August 2021

    We are very satisfied! The car was great, the entire transaction uncomplicated and the service immediately available in case of queries. We would book a car with Northbound or MyCar again at any time.

  • Excellent

    Rented a vehicle in August 2021

    Northbound was an incredible Value. The car was great and the value of the service was paralleled. The Northbound team was also very responsive. My only suggestion is to have the shuttle from the airport more frequently. I absolutely understand that...

  • Perfect!

    Rented a vehicle in August 2021

    Our experience with northbound and Lava cars has been perfect. The airport pickup was prompt and after a very short drive (less than 5 minutes) to the car rental site, the Lava team were very helpful. The staff were friendly and gave us a very warm w...

  • Perfect!

    Rented a vehicle in August 2021

    The 2021 Nissan Qashqai that we rented from Lava Car Rental through Northbound was great. New(ish), clean, and functional.

  • Perfect!

    Rented a vehicle in August 2021

    Renting a car through was easy and convenient. Website is with clear information about the rental cars. Communication was very well. Northbound may provide additional discount (which you may not get if booked directly at the rental comp...

  • Outstanding!

    Rented a vehicle in August 2021

    Yes so much. The car was good and comfortable. And the service of northbound was great !!!!

  • Outstanding!

    Rented a vehicle in August 2021

    Thank you Northbound and My Car. We had a great car rental experience from start to finish. The vehicle was clean and exactly as described when booked. Well done!

  • Perfect!

    Rented a vehicle in July 2021

    The 2020 Land Cruiser GX was Awesome and performed well including on a few moderate F-road adventures. It was in great shape with less than 10,000 km when we started and ran well for us. With the Rocketbox we had room for 5 adults for 12 days aroun...

  • Perfect!

    Rented a vehicle in August 2021

    My wife and I had an EXCELLENT experience renting a 4x4 from Northbound for our 10 year anniversary trip this past week. Customer service was unparalleled. We’ve never had such a positive experience renting a car.

Best Campsites for Campervans in Iceland

Fully equipped campsites can be found throughout Iceland, conveniently situated along the ring road, welcoming you for the night as you pursue your journey.

Our favorite campsites for campervan and motorhome travel include:

Camp Egilsstadir

Located in East Iceland, along the ring road in the small town of Egilsstadir, Camp Egilsstadir claims to be the happiest campsite in Iceland, and we agree. Their 24/7 facilities include bathrooms, showers, washing & drying machines, luggage storage, bike rental, childrens play park, dishwashing area, kettle, microwave, and even free WiFi.

If youre passing by Egilsstadir, we recommend you pop by Camp Egilsstadir.

Grindavik Campsite

Conveniently located approximately 20 minutes from the Keflavik Airport, the Grindavik Campsite is a perfect last stop before an early morning flight. The facilities include warm & cold water, bathrooms, internet, playground, showers, washing machines and waste disposal for mobile homes.

Skaftafell Campsite

Sheltered by the surrounding trees, Skaftafell on the Icelandic south coast has a designated area specifically for motorhomes and campervans. The facilities include bathrooms, warm and cold water, a restaurant, internet, electricity, wheelchair access, washing machines, showers and waste disposal for mobile homes.

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Comparing prices for rental cars in iceland

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Ultimately, the smartest thing to do is compare the prices. You may have your eye set on a specific type, but there are many car rentals who supply that type and some are far more affordable than others. You can use price comparison engines like Northbound to search and compare camper prices from multiple car rentals to ensure that you book the right car for your journey.

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Driving a Camper in Iceland

What to know before renting a camper in Iceland

Should I hire a motorhome or a campervan in Iceland?
Iceland is perfectly suited for both campervan and motorhome travel, with campsites spread across the country and most of them even offering waste disposal and other facilities necessary for motorhomes. Whichever you should go for, depends on what type of travel you're looking for.

For couples or small groups, who don't mind not having a bathroom, shower and ample space on-board, a campervan is perfect and affordable. The motorhome, while more expensive, is better suited for families with children or those who prefer a fully equipped RV on their journey around Iceland.

Both options afford you the opportunity to travel across Iceland's majestic landscapes with a new backyard every morning.
Can I Drive On F Roads In A Campervan in Iceland?
Not the normal ones, but there are plenty of 4x4 camper options available that do allow you to travel uninhibited on F-roads if you choose.

Check out 4x4 Campers here!
How old must I be to rent a campervan from Northbound?
The minimum age for a campervan rental is 20 years, although some specific suppliers may have that bar a little higher. You can find the age requirement by clicking the Important Information tab on the vehicle page.
Where can I park the campervan?
The website of the Environment Agency of Iceland states:

"Camping with no more than three tents is allowed on uncultivated ground for a single night unless the landowner has posted a notice to the contrary. However, campers should always use designated campsites where they do exist."

Iceland is blessed with hundreds of campsites scattered all over the country. Your best bet would be to show up to one of those to spend the night, with bathroom facilities and plenty of space abound.
Can I rent extra equipment like camping chairs, tables or BBQ grills?
In some cases, yes. It would depend on the vehicle you have chosen and what extras that supplier offers.
Should I rent a campervan during winter?
During the period of December-January, and even longer in some cases, we would not recommend renting a campervan unless you fully comprehend what to expect during your stay. The wind speed can reach furious heights and the cold drops well below -0­° Celsius at times. You must decide whether you’re prepared and willing to brave these challenges or if you’d rather take the safe route and rent a hotel room and a 4x4 vehicle.
Hoe zijn de wegen in IJsland?
They are considerably narrower than what you may be accustomed to in your own country, so please be careful and pay close attention to for road conditions and troubling weather.
How long does it take to drive the ring road (route 1)?
The ring road can be done in about 7 days, but if you want to thoroughly enjoy it then we recommend at least 12 days for the journey.

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Insurances for rental cars in Iceland explained

Welke autoverzekeringen moet ik afsluiten?
Elke huurauto in IJsland wordt geleverd met de standaard CDW- en Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering inbegrepen. Deze verzekeringen kunnen een zelfrisico tot 3.000 EUR met zich meebrengen, wat voor iemand een grote aansprakelijkheid kan zijn om te dragen. In dit geval kan het zijn dat u de CDW-verzekering wilt upgraden naar een Super CDW-verzekering, waardoor u uw eigen risico aanzienlijk kunt verlagen.

Andere gespecialiseerde verzekeringen zoals Grindbescherming of Zand- en Asbescherming kunnen ook een goede aanvulling zijn om je te beschermen tegen bijzondere omstandigheden zoals het bombarderen van de auto met grind of zelfs een plotselinge zandstorm die erdoorheen raast.

Lees meer over Grindbescherming of Zand- en Asbescherming..
Wat is de annuleringsregeling?
Bookings can be cancelled free of charge for a full refund up to 48 hours before the start of the rental period. Bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours advance are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 15 - 20% of the total price, depending on the minimum required deposit for the rental.

For motorhome bookings, the following cancellation policy applies: Filling out our cancellation form and submitting a notice of cancellation with 30 days or more until your booking begins, will make you eligible for a full refund of your booking. Cancelling with less than 30 days until your booking begins will render your deposit nonrefundable.

If the vehicle cannot be picked up due to any of the following:
  • Insufficient documentation
  • Failure to provide a valid credit card containing sufficient funds to cover the deposit amount.
  • Failure to collect the car at the specified time/date.
Refunds are not available for no-show cases.

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F-Roads, Highlands & Offroad Driving

F-Roads are special roads in Iceland that usually lead through the highlands

F-wegen in IJsland
De F-wegen van IJsland zijn door de jaren heen steeds populairder geworden voor reizigers die op zoek zijn naar een beetje onbekend avontuur en om te ontsnappen aan de drukte van de meer populaire bezienswaardigheden langs de ringweg. Reizen op een F-weg kan veeleisend en zelfs gevaarlijk zijn als je niet goed voorbereid en achter het stuur van een geschikte auto zit.
Autohuur in IJsland staat u niet toe om uw gewone auto mee te nemen op de F-wegen, maar de meeste zullen u toestaan om een 4x4 huurauto mee te nemen, met uitzondering van een paar van de meer uitdagende wegen zoals F249 naar Þórsmörk.
Lees onze Gids voor F-wegen in IJsland.
Welke f-wegen kan ik rijden?
De hoogland F-wegen in IJsland zijn talrijk en gevarieerd. Terwijl sommige kunnen worden gereden in een klein compact voertuig zoals de F35, zullen andere diepe rivieren of rotsachtig terrein en kan dus een groter, meer geschikt voertuig, zoals een Landcruiser of een Ford Expeditie nodig zijn. De beste manier om vertrouwd te raken met welke wegen geschikt zijn voor uw voertuig zou op voorhand of bij het ophalen van uw voertuig worden gevraagd.

Kleinere 4x4's zijn over het algemeen geschikt voor wegen zoals F35 of Kaldidalur, terwijl de F206 en F26 iets meer vuurkracht vereisen.

Welke F-weg je ook kiest, vergeet niet om voorzichtig te rijden en onderschat de rivieren of wegen niet.

Lees onze uitgebreide F-wegwijzer 
Kan ik met mijn huurauto over hooglandwegen rijden?
Als uw voertuig een 4x4 is dan is het naar alle waarschijnlijkheid Highland Capable, maar sommige kleinere 4x4's zijn verboden op F-roads. Bepaalde wegen, zoals F249 in Þórsmörk, zijn meestal verboden om te rijden, ongeacht welke huurauto u hebt gekozen.
Verschil tussen F-weg en off-road en off-road
F-wegen zijn niet off-road. Off-road rijden is in IJsland verboden, omdat het terrein en het landschap beschadigd zouden worden en het honderden jaren zou duren voordat het weer in de oude staat is. Off-road rijden kan resulteren in extreem hoge boetes als je gepakt wordt. Omdat F-wegen echte wegen zijn, alleen met meer verraderlijk terrein dan normale wegen, kunnen ze worden bereden zolang je er het geschikte voertuig voor hebt.

Lees meer over de verschillen tussen F-wegen en off-road gaan.
Can I drive off-road?
Nee. Off-road rijden is illegaal in IJsland en zal resulteren in een boete, uitgegeven door de politie, tot 100.000 ISK.
Can I cross rivers and fords in my 4x4?
This depends on which 4x4 you have chosen, which road you are taking and what rental you have rented from. The conditions vary, but if you contact us we may able to help you find the answers you seek.
Still have questions?
Visit our Help Center for answers to any questions you may have.