Iceland Travel Tips, Resources and More

Complete Guide To Campervan Travel In Iceland

15. Jun 2019 (Updated: 09. Oct 2019)
Everything you need to know about renting a campervan in Iceland and how to get the most out of your campervan journey through the land of Ice and Fire.

The Ultimate Guide to Landmannalaugar

03. Aug 2019 (Updated: 09. Oct 2019)
13 min read
Everything you need to know about traveling to Landmannalaugar and experiencing this magical part of the Icelandic Highlands.

Northern Lights in Iceland | The Ultimate Guide

16. Feb 2016 (Updated: 08. Oct 2019)
3 min read
Where to find the Northern Lights in Iceland? What are the Northern Lights? See the live forecast and much more in this guide for your answers on Icelandic Northern Lights.

Everything You Need to Know About Motorhome Camping in Iceland

07. Jun 2019 (Updated: 04. Oct 2019)
13 min read
What is the cost of an Iceland motorhome journey? Where can I park the motorhome? Am I allowed to drive a motorhome in Iceland? Those answers and much more!

Icelandic Traffic Laws: Everything You Need to Know

28. Jul 2019 (Updated: 04. Oct 2019)
7 min read
The complete guide to Iceland traffic signs and laws. English meaning of all the Icelandic signs and special laws that you need to be aware of.

Kayaking in Iceland: All You Need to Know

02. Sep 2019 (Updated: 02. Oct 2019)
7 min read
Find all of the information on where to have the best kayaking experiences in Iceland, which areas are the ideal spots and what to wear on such a tour.

Iceland Off The Beaten Track

17. Aug 2018 (Updated: 18. Sep 2019)
5 min read
Iceland’s grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years. According to statistics released in 2017 by the Icelandic Tourist Board, foreign visit...

Westfjords of Iceland: A Complete Guide

26. Jul 2019 (Updated: 12. Sep 2019)
Everything you need to know about one of the most remote regions in Iceland, the Westfjords. Travel tips, what to see and what to look for on your journey.

The Complete Guide to Volcanoes in Iceland

09. Jul 2019 (Updated: 02. Sep 2019)
A detailed look at the most infamous of Iceland's volcanoes, recent eruptions that have rocked the world, geology and the top ten volcanoes in the country.

Everything You Need To Know Before Renting a Car in Iceland

08. Feb 2016 (Updated: 21. Aug 2019)
10 min read
Renting a car in Iceland? Read about everything you need to know before committing to rental car booking for your Iceland trip. | Tips & Important Info