Car Rental of the Year 2023

Daniel Cramer

1 min read
Image of the acknowledgement for car rental of the year 2023, MyCAR Rental in Iceland.

Reflecting on the past year, Northbound is excited to announce MYCAR as the Car Rental of the Year 2023.

This award celebrates MYCAR's outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction, setting a high standard for car rentals in Iceland.

The Car Rental of the Year is awarded based on customer rankings and the number of bookings, highlighting MYCAR's exceptional performance and positive customer experiences. To help travelers easily recognize MYCAR's excellence, we've added the award stamp to all MYCAR vehicles on our platform.

Car rental of the year 2023 in Iceland from Northbound, MYCAR\'s ratings and reviews.

This recognition is part of Northbound's commitment to acknowledging the hard work of our suppliers and ensuring travelers have memorable experiences in Iceland. Congratulations to MYCAR, and we look forward to another year of adventure and superior service.

5 out of 5 stars

The customer service was excellent with MYCAR. They were very responsive to emails, the shuttle picked us up from the airport right on time, vehicle pick up and drop off were super easy, the people working there were knowledgeable and friendly, and and the return shuttle was just as smooth. I can't say enough good things about our experience with this company and we will 100% rent from them the next time we're in Iceland. Thank you for a great experience.

rented a vehicle in January 2024