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What is Sand and Ash Protection (SAAP)?

We all remember the Eyjafjallajökull eruption. The fact is, loose ash and fine sand still cover much of the terrain in certain areas of Iceland. As the wind blows, the ash and sand may whirl up and blow towards anything and anyone unlucky enough to be in its path. This may cause serious damages to the car and gives it an undesired, matte finish.

Icelandic insurance companies do not cover damages such as this in the regular CDW policies, which is why this protection is offered as an optional damage waiver, covering sand and ash damage to your rental car.

Should you be unfortunate enough to drive through a sand storm in Iceland without Sand & Ash Protection (SAAP) the vehicle will need to be spray painted again to fix the whole vehicle's scratched finish. This involves a considerable sum and we encourage all our travelers that are driving in Iceland, during spring time especially, to take this insurance.

A good way to avoid this encounter is to stay updated with locals and asking them if you should be on the lookout for any sandstorms in the vicinity. If there's a sandstorm coming your way, you should change your plans and wait it out.