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Comfortable camper that sleeps two. Book today with unlimited mileage, CDW included and a flexible cancellation policy.

  • No hidden fee's and free cancellation available
  • Perfect camper for Icelandic conditions
  • Pickup from Keflavik Int. Airport
  • Venture as far as you like with no mileage limits across Iceland.

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Iceland, a country known for its stunning landscapes, ranging from icy glaciers to volcanic fields, offers an unparalleled adventure for travelers. To truly immerse yourself in the Icelandic wilderness and experience its beauty up close, renting a Dacia Dokker Camper emerges as a practical and rewarding choice.

Feature Description
Flexibility & Freedom Navigate Iceland's diverse terrains at your own pace, with the freedom to explore.
Cost-Effectiveness Combines transportation and accommodation, significantly cutting down travel expenses.
Comfort & Convenience Equipped with a comfortable sleeping area, kitchenette, and ample storage for a cozy stay.
Close to Nature Stay in the heart of Iceland's stunning natural beauty, enhancing your connection with nature.
Eco-Friendly Travel A sustainable travel option, encouraging minimal environmental impact.
All-Weather Preparedness Designed to handle Iceland's unpredictable weather, ensuring a safe journey.
Easy to Drive Easy to maneuver, suitable for those new to camper van travel.
Fully Equipped Comes with essential cooking and sleeping gear for a seamless travel experience.

Why Rent a Dacia Dokker Camper?

Flexibility and Freedom

The Dacia Dokker Camper provides the ultimate freedom to explore Iceland's natural wonders at your own pace. Unlike traditional travel methods, where you're bound by hotel locations and tour schedules, a camper allows you to wake up to a new view every morning, be it the serene shores of Jökulsárlón or the rugged landscapes of Þingvellir National Park.


Traveling in Iceland can be expensive, with accommodation and dining out taking up a significant portion of your budget. The Dacia Dokker Camper serves as both your transport and lodging, significantly reducing your expenses. The camper's equipped kitchenette allows for cooking meals, further helping to save on costs.

Comfort and Convenience

Designed with travelers' comfort in mind, the Dacia Dokker Camper features a cozy sleeping area, storage space, and a kitchenette, ensuring a comfortable living space regardless of where you are. This level of convenience and self-sufficiency enhances your travel experience, making it more enjoyable and stress-free.

Close to Nature

One of the biggest draws of Iceland is its untouched natural beauty. Staying in a camper puts you closer to nature, allowing for spontaneous adventures. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee with views of Iceland’s majestic waterfalls or northern lights right from your doorstep.

Eco-Friendly Option

For environmentally conscious travelers, the Dacia Dokker Camper is a more sustainable travel option. It reduces the need for multiple modes of transport and encourages responsible travel practices, aligning with Iceland's efforts to preserve its pristine environment.

Expert Tips for Renting a Dacia Dokker Camper

  • Book Early: Iceland's popularity as a travel destination means campers can get booked up quickly, especially during peak seasons. Early booking ensures availability and often better rates.
  • Plan Your Route: While the Dacia Dokker Camper offers flexibility, having a rough itinerary can help in maximizing your experience. Be mindful of seasonal road closures, especially when planning to visit the Highlands.
  • Familiarize Yourself with Local Regulations: Understanding Iceland’s camping regulations, such as designated camping areas and environmental guidelines, is crucial for a responsible and enjoyable trip.
  • Prepare for All Weather Conditions: Iceland’s weather can be unpredictable. Ensure your camper is stocked with necessary supplies, including warm clothing, food, and water.


Renting a Dacia Dokker Camper in Iceland offers a unique blend of adventure, comfort, and intimacy with nature. It stands out as a practical choice for those looking to explore Iceland’s diverse landscapes at their own pace, without compromising on comfort or breaking the bank. With careful planning and respect for the environment, a camper van trip in Iceland can be an unforgettable adventure that combines the thrill of exploration with the comforts of home.

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Compact Efficiency
Ideal for navigating both city streets and highways with ease.
Offers excellent fuel efficiency and value, reducing travel expenses.
Versatile Sleeping Arrangements
Comfortably sleeps two, with a fold-out bed system.
Easy to Drive
Its compact size and car-like handling make it a breeze to drive, even for those new to campervans.