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The Dacia Jogger is a versatile vehicle model that merges the attributes of an SUV, an MPV, and a station wagon. This amalgamation results in a car that offers practicality and robustness, making it a potentially excellent choice for rental in Iceland, especially for tourists.

Key Features of the Dacia Jogger:

Spaciousness: The Jogger is known for its ample interior space, which can comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers. This makes it ideal for family trips or group travel.

Fuel Efficiency: Despite its size, the Jogger is designed to be fuel-efficient. Its economical fuel consumption is a significant advantage for long drives, which are common in Iceland's expansive landscapes.

Versatility: Its design enables the vehicle to adapt to various needs, from ample cargo space for luggage to accommodating more passengers. The rear seats can be folded or removed, offering flexibility for different travel requirements.

Comfort and Safety: Equipped with essential safety features and designed for comfort, the Jogger is suitable for both long journeys and short excursions. This aspect is crucial for navigating Iceland's varied terrain.

Economic Value: Dacia, as a brand, is known for offering vehicles that provide good value for money. Renting a Jogger in Iceland might be more cost-effective compared to other vehicles with similar features.

Dacia Jogger rental car in Iceland
Dacia Jogger

Why Rent a Dacia Jogger in Iceland?

Diverse Terrain Handling: Iceland's terrain includes rugged landscapes, gravel paths, and well-maintained roads. The Jogger's design enables it to handle these varying conditions effectively.

Space for Travel Essentials: Tourists often travel with considerable luggage, especially when exploring Iceland's natural attractions. The Jogger’s spacious trunk and flexible seating can accommodate such needs.

Comfort for Long Drives: Given that Iceland's attractions are spread out, tourists spend significant time driving. The Jogger's comfortable interior can make these long drives more pleasant.

Economical for Tourists: Tourists, particularly from the USA, UK, and Germany, often seek value for money. The Jogger's fuel efficiency and rental cost can be appealing to budget-conscious travelers.

Suitable for Family and Group Travel: The Jogger's capacity to seat up to seven passengers makes it ideal for family or small group travel, a common scenario among tourists visiting Iceland.


The Dacia Jogger, with its blend of space, efficiency, and versatility, aligns well with the needs of tourists in Iceland. It caters to various aspects of travel requirements, from comfort during long drives to the ability to traverse diverse landscapes. Its economic value further enhances its appeal, making it a strong contender for rental vehicle choice in Iceland.

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Spacious Interior
Ample space for up to 7 passengers, ideal for families and groups.
Ample Luggage Space
Large trunk and flexible seating arrangements for carrying luggage and travel gear.
Perfect for family vacations with its spacious and safe design.