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Suzuki Jimny Highlights

Feature Description
Vehicle Type 4WD SUV
Seating Capacity Accommodates up to 5 passengers
Luggage Capacity Can hold up to 3 large suitcases
Fuel Efficiency Excellent fuel economy for its class
Transmission Available in both manual and automatic
Terrain Capability Suitable for both city and off-road driving
Comfort Features Equipped with modern comfort features like air conditioning, and infotainment system
Safety Ratings High safety ratings with essential features like ABS and airbags

Explore Iceland with a Suzuki Jimny Rental from

Discover the rugged landscapes of Iceland with the compact yet mighty Suzuki Jimny. Ideal for travelers who crave both adventure and convenience, this 4x4 is perfect for navigating the challenging terrains of Iceland's backcountry as well as the urban streets of Reykjavik. With its reliable 4WD capabilities, the Jimny ensures safety and comfort amidst the unpredictable Icelandic weather.

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Booking your Suzuki Jimny through gives you access to exceptional customer service, the best available rates, and a seamless booking experience.

As an established Icelandic booking office, offers transparent rental packages with no hidden fees, ensuring a worry-free adventure in Iceland.

Rent the Suzuki Jimny for an unforgettable journey in Iceland.

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Renting A Car In Iceland || 8 Things You Should Know
Explore Iceland's Beauty Safely
Rely on the sturdy Suzuki Jimny 4x4 comfort for a peace-of-mind Icelandic adventure.
Essential features
AUX audio input, Bluetooth compatibility, power steering and heated seats. Also include studded tires in the winter for added security.
Photographers dream
Sits two freelance photographers and plenty of space for luggage and photography gear.
Explore F-Roads with Ease
Tackle the Icelandic landscape confidently in a sturdy 4x4 suited for all terrains, booked via