Complete Guide to Sky Lagoon in Iceland

Complete Guide to Sky Lagoon in Iceland

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More often than not, the Blue Lagoon is given status as the number one water-based attraction in Iceland - with the mud baths and crystal-clear water all making for a spectacularly Instagrammable day out.

But what most tourists don't appreciate is that when you head further North, not far from Reykjavik and with direct access to Iceland's coastline, lies another spa - one of the best in the world.

The Sky Lagoon is captured on its website as being on ?the edge of the world? - and as you look out from the thermal infinity pool to the oceans beyond, it's hard to argue with the marketing strapline of the destination. Let's take a closer look at the spa and all it has to offer.

The Sky Lagoon Spa: What's on Offer?

Tourists are invited to visit the Sky Lagoon spa as part of their Iceland experience, with booking required ever since the outbreak of the pandemic.

While for last minute holidaymakers this may throw up a few obstacles, for those who plan ahead the limited capacity gives the spa an exclusive experience - perfect for those relaxing moments to take in the sights and sounds of coastal Iceland.

Drawing on the very heart of bathing as part of ritualistic Icelandic culture, this spa centres around a geothermal infinity pool with views stretching out to the endless ocean. For visitors from all walks of life, this presents an opportunity to relax into the warm waters of the spa, sometimes with a direct and uninterrupted view of the Northern Lights.

As far as Icelandic experiences go, this truly is one of the most immersive and unrivalled examples of luxury travel. And best of all, it's affordable and easy to access from the main airport and transport hub of Reykjavik (with the cheapest package (Pure Lite) offering basic Sky Lagoon admission at ISK 6,990 per person - which roughly converts to about £41.00 GBP).

The other packages on offer are:
  • Pure Lite

  • Sky Lagoon Admission

  • Public changing facilities

  • Towel

  • Pure Pass

  • Everything in Pure Lite, plus;

  • One journey through the seven-step Ritual

  • Sky Pass

  • Everything in Pure, plus;

  • Private changing facilities with signature Sky Lagoon amenities

  • Date Night

  • 2 Sky Passes

  • Complete seven-step Ritual

  • Private changing facilities with our signature Sky Body Lotion and a towel

  • A drink per person (house wine, anything on tap or non-alcoholic beverages)

  • Sky Platter from Smakk Bar

These different packages enable visitors from all walks of life to get what they want from their trip to the Sky Lagoon - whether that's a passing stop on the way to another destination, or a full blown spa experience.

So, with the Sky Lagoon ranked as one of the best spas in Iceland, where did it come from and what's the story?

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The Origin and Story Behind the Sky Lagoon Spa

The Sky Lagoon opened in 2021, and was designed to be accessible and easy to get to for visitors across Iceland - presenting an attraction which sits away from and deliberately removes visitors from the hubbub of the surrounding cities.

One of the key selling points of the Sky Lagoon spa is the seven-step ritual, which is open and available to all guests who pre-book the Pure Pass or Sky Pass package. Aside from being heavenly and luxurious, this ritual is steeped in Icelandic tradition and puts a spotlight on the bathing culture of the area and how important it is to wellbeing and relaxation.

The story behind the design and creation of the Sky Lagoon spa starts and ends with experience. The creators were keen to use the prime waterside location to bring to life an experience for modern day visitors, while also spotlighting and preserving Icelandic tradition, heritage and history.

Three of the key elements of the spa are deliberately built to reflect local and historical traditions, namely:

?The Turfhouse which is reminiscent of an early building technique used by settlers to create warm housing when they first arrived in Iceland.

?The Klömbruhleðsla - turf wall - which is inspired by the way that Iceland has long used and worked with nature in order to build infrastructure and homes.

?The Cold Plunge, which is inspired by one of the oldest natural pools in Iceland and becomes part of the full seven-step ritual at the Sky Lagoon.

You can read more about all these experiences and historical references here.

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What is the seven-step ritual?

We've mentioned and touched on the seven-step ritual a few times, and if you're wondering by now what the ritual involves then you're in for a treat.

With both Pure Pass and Sky Pass users earning access to the full process with their ticket, the ritual utilises all the main aspects and areas of the Sky Lagoon spa.

1.The geothermal waters of the Sky Lagoon spa (yes, this is the bit in the all the adverts, with the infinity pool overlooking the ocean beyond). 2.A dip in the cold-water glacial pool 3.Spend 10 minutes in the sauna 4.Step into the cold misty fog 5.Rub down your body using the Sky Lagoon's own scrub 6.Step into the steam room 7.Shower off and return to the lagoon for ultimate relaxation

By creating a seven step ritual for all visitors with the right pass to enjoy, the Sky Lagoon turns its relaxing destination into a cohesive journey that all visitors from all walks of life can follow and enjoy - accessing and using every corner of the spa experience in the optimum way.

Accessing the Spa

In a romantic gesture, the Sky Lagoon markets its own location as being ?where the sea meets the sky?.

For those arriving in Iceland by air, you may decide that the central locations near the airports are the best place from which to hire a car, which then enables you to travel around the country and take in each destination on your bucket list - from the Sky Lagoon to the iconic Blue Lagoon and other trails, viewpoints, and attractions.

The Sky Lagoon is very easy to access from central Reykjavik, making it as convenient to get to as it is awe-inspiring to visit and look at. The drive takes about 15 minutes and while it takes you away from the main roads and out into the harbours surrounding Reykjavik, it is a worthwhile stop to enjoy as part of your adventures in Iceland.

Taking in all the sights and sounds of Iceland - by road

Whether you're in the final planning stages of your trip or just now starting to consider an Icelandic adventure, hiring a car is the easiest and most accessible way of travelling around the country. Not only does hiring a car give you flexibility and freedom over your schedule - it also gives you complete confidence in your ability to move around the country at your own pace, stopping to enjoy all the destinations and attractions on your bucket list without worrying about public transport limitations and timetables.

Car rental in Iceland with Northbound has never been easier, giving you a choice of vehicles depending on your perfect Icelandic adventure, and ensuring that you have all the features and information you need. For more information on the booking process, get in touch or visit our website.

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