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Friendly singer from the rural south coast of Iceland who grew up around tourists and sheep; the two main industries of Iceland

21. Aug 2019 (Updated: 24. Oct 2019)
A comprehensive guide for everything you need to know when renting a car in Iceland
25. Jan 2019 (Updated: 23. Oct 2019)
26 ideas, and more you can do on your Icelandic journey. Glacier expeditions, helicopter tours, caving and hundreds of other . Adventure awaits!

How To Be The Perfect Tourist in Iceland

30. Mar 2016 (Updated: 01. Feb 2017)
4 min read
While travelling around the globe it can be difficult to figure out how to behave in different situations. You might be going on an adventure and thinking ,,Wha...

Icelandic Elves and Hidden People

20. Jun 2016 (Updated: 01. Feb 2017)
5 min read
People often associate the belief in elves with Icelanders and it is a well-known fact that we've had problems with some constructions when getting too clo...