With its inception in 2003, Safari Quads proudly emerged as the trailblazer of ATV Quad & Buggy adventures in Iceland. Originating from a humble farm in the serene countryside of West Iceland, Safari Quads began its journey with raw, unbridled enthusiasm. Though their early tours may be deemed as "vintage" in retrospect, the unwavering passion for providing guests an authentic encounter with Iceland's breathtaking landscapes remains at the core of their ethos. After bidding farewell to the farmland in 2008, Safari Quads relocated to Reykjavík, establishing a cutting-edge basecamp a mere stone's throw away from the city's pulsating heart. Nestled amidst the stunning mountains and pristine lakes of Reykjavík's backyard, their well-maintained, eye-catching ATVs and buggies await intrepid adventurers. Novice riders need not fret, as Safari Quads boasts a team of highly professional, charmingly good-looking, and occasionally witty guides who ensure everyone's safety while providing comprehensive operational and safety instructions

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