Special Tours


Established in 1996, Special Tours has been a pioneer in offering puffin tours from Reykjavik harbor and has since grown to become a leading provider of sustainable tourism in Iceland. In addition to their signature puffin tours, they offer a wide range of experiences, including whale watching, sea angling, and northern lights excursions. With a team of experienced professionals who hold STCW certificates from the Maritime Safety and Survival Training in Reykjavik, Special Tours is committed to providing top-notch service and safety on all their tours. Their fleet of five boats, which includes one of Iceland's largest whale watching vessels and a custom-built RIB boat, ensures that they have the right vessel for every occasion and scenario. As a company, Special Tours is dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices that minimize the impact on Iceland's delicate ecosystem while providing visitors with an authentic and memorable experience. Their commitment to sustainability and quality has earned them a reputation as a leader in Iceland's tourism industry.

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