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Land Rover Super Defender: Engineered for the Extremes

The Land Rover Super Defender is a formidable 4x4 vehicle, expertly modified to master the challenging landscapes of Iceland. This vehicle is equipped with robust 37" tires, designed to conquer any terrain—from rocky paths to icy trails. The combination of these large tires with an on-board air compressor allows for tire pressure adjustments on the fly, enhancing grip and flotation to navigate deep snow effortlessly.

Image of the front of a Land Rover Super Defender
Land Rover Super Defender

Specialized Modifications for Unmatched Capability

Modifications on the Super Defender go beyond standard upgrades. Auxiliary headlamps, a snorkel, and an inbuilt VHF radio prepare this vehicle for low visibility and submerged driving conditions, ensuring safety and reliability. The vehicle's increased width from the larger tires provides added stability, lowering the center of gravity compared to the original model, which significantly improves balance and reduces rollover risk.

Image of the interior of a Land Rover Super Defender
Land Rover Super Defender Interior

Comfort Meets Functionality

Inside, the Super Defender offers a comfortable 2+3 seating arrangement, accommodating up to five passengers. This setup is perfect for families or groups looking to explore the rugged Icelandic terrain without sacrificing comfort.

Customizable for Adventure

For those planning extensive off-road expeditions, the Super Defender can be further customized. Options such as roof racks, modified trailers with 35" tires, jerry cans, and other critical accessories are available. These enhancements allow adventurers to carry additional equipment and extend their explorations into even more remote areas of Iceland.


The Land Rover Super Defender stands out as a specially tailored vehicle that combines advanced modifications with practical features, making it the ultimate choice for navigating the diverse and demanding environments of Iceland. Whether tackling snowy passes or rocky river beds, the Super Defender is built to ensure that every journey is as thrilling as it is safe.

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Tailored for Icelandic Terrains
The Super Defender is equipped with 37" tires and an on-board air compressor, allowing it to navigate through Iceland's toughest terrains, including deep snow and rocky landscapes, making it perfect for adventurous explorers.
Advanced Navigation Capabilities
With auxiliary headlamps, a snorkel for water crossings, and a VHF radio for communication in remote areas, this vehicle ensures you stay connected and safe, no matter where your travels take you in Iceland.