Why should you rent a car with Northbound?

The short answer is that with us you can rest assured that you will be delivered the highest quality service possible every time. Northbound was founded upon the principles of becoming the first and only stop for travelers that want to be assured that they will get an experience worth talking about, with staff that genuinely have your best interest at heart.

We are not aiming to be the biggest, but rather,
we strive to be the best.

We only partner with car rental agencies that are ready to travel with us on our journey to become the best. To help us decide if any car rental is the right choice for a Northbound partner we look at these factors:

  • Your rental reviews - We listen to what people are saying by reading reviews on popular travel websites and other booking mediums, and only partner with those who are known for giving their customers great or outstanding service.
  • Common ground - We meet with the people behind the car rental face to face to discover if there is common ground.
  • Vehicle quality - We evaluate the state of the vehicles offered by the car rental to ensure that you receive quality products every time.
  • Transparency & honesty - We do not partner with any car rental that tries to charge hidden fees not explained thoroughly by their terms & conditions.
  • Safety - We require certain safety standards from our partners such as studded tires during winter periods, tire repair kit or extra tire and the standard is that no compromised vehicle are rented out without regular inspections and much more.
  • Flexibility - We are people like you and so are the car rentals we work with. We try our best to approach every customer in a flexible manner so that we can accommodate special requests without going by the book every time. Send a request our way and we'll see what we can do.
Image of reasons to choose Northbound for your car rental in Iceland

Better service without the fee's

Using our services will never cost you anything. Our agreement with each supplier details that they pay us a commission for each rented vehicle and in return, we do not add anything from our end.

With our Best Price Guarantee policy you can be certain you will get the best vehicle price available. If you happen to find the vehicle at a lower price at any time since booking, you can contact us and we'll match the price.

Simple rental experience

We are constantly creating new and easier ways for our customers to rent the vehicle they require in their travels. Let's be honest, renting a car shouldn't be the primary focus of your travel plan, you should simply get a great vehicle that enhances the Icelandic experience without it being a hassle. This is what we're aiming for in all of our and why we have a strict quality standard we hold all of our suppliers to

Customer service

We do our absolute best to deliver the highest-quality customer service, we are here to answer any questions you might have regarding your travel in Iceland, and we happen to be experts in driving in Icelandic conditions because we actually live here!

Dispute support

Sometimes disputes happen despite our quality standard, we are all human after all. Our team has helped people through language barriers, miscommunication as well as contacting suppliers when they are lacking in response times to important queries or documents. Due to our personal connection with suppliers we can contact them through both business and personal phone easily if you are having difficulty contacting them through messaging.

Great cancellation policies

Because of our competitive marketplace, we push our suppliers to offer better deals than they might do on their own site. That includes a competitive cancellation policy as have many suppliers that are willing to forfeit their cancellation policy all together to stay competitive.

Full transparency

We absolutely hate hidden fees, once you reserve the vehicle that is the final price you will pay. Tax and all. If you are ever aware of hidden costs booking through us, let us know immediately.

We are locals

Our business, as well as our entire Northbound's staff, located in Iceland, specifically, near KEF Airport, Keflavík. We are all born and raised in Iceland, speak fluent Icelandic and English, and actually have personal relationships with some of our suppliers. We've been on the Icelandic roads and been subject to Icelandic weather and road conditions since before we learned to walk. We know the country's ins & outs and we're armed with tips on how to navigate Iceland.

A strict standard of quality

We hold our suppliers to a very high standard of quality, we vet all of our them before partnering up with them and make sure we only offer the highest quality services available in the industry.