Driving Highland Road 550, Kaldidalur in Iceland

Rúnar Þór Sigurbjörnsson

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Driving Highland Road 550, Kaldidalur in Iceland

The shortest and, perhaps, easiest of the Icelandic highland roads, Kaldidalur is a 40 kilometer stretch of gravel in the western part of the island. Route 550 is not classified as an F-road but most car rentals still forbid you from driving there in anything less than a 4x4.


Official Name: 550

Known as: Kaldidalur or Kaldadalsvegur

Opening Dates: 5th June (Earliest) or 7th July (Latest).

Rivers: No rivers to cross.

Fuel Stations: The route is only 40 km long with a fuel station by the northern end in Húsafell.

About the Area

The name Kaldidalur translates to Cold Valley, so Kaldadalsvegur would translate to Cold Valley Road. This way was used in the old days as a horse road between the western and north-western settlements, and one of the first roads to be made permanent.

Recommended Vehicles:

All 4X4 vehicles.