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Northern Lights in Iceland | The Ultimate Guide

16. Feb 2016 (Updated: 08. Oct 2019)
3 min read
Where to find the Northern Lights in Iceland? What are the Northern Lights? See the live forecast and much more in this guide for your answers on Icelandic Northern Lights.

Everything You Need To Know Before Renting a Car in Iceland

08. Feb 2016 (Updated: 21. Aug 2019)
10 min read
Renting a car in Iceland? Read about everything you need to know before committing to rental car booking for your Iceland trip. | Tips & Important Info

The Top 6 Camper Rentals in Iceland | A Detailed 2019 Overview

05. Jun 2019 (Updated: 16. Aug 2019)
9 min read
A 2019 list of the highest rated campervan rentals in Iceland. Who has the best service or highest quality vehicles?

Do I Need Sand and Ash Protection in Iceland?

16. May 2016 (Updated: 20. Jun 2019)
2 min read
The Sand and Ash Damage Waiver is an important insurance, but during what time? Find out when this waiver is most important.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum

09. Dec 2015 (Updated: 25. Mar 2019)
2 min read
A guide to Iceland's most unusual museum, the Icelandic Phallological Museum, or in short... the Penis Museum.

Waterfalls in Iceland: 9 Falls and Their English Names

08. Oct 2015 (Updated: 28. Jan 2019)
3 min read
If you’re anything like me then, at some point in your life, you’ve stared at a waterfall (or a picture of one) and wondered just how something can ...

Types of 4x4 Rental Cars In Iceland

14. Dec 2018 (Updated: 08. Jan 2019)
4 min read
A comprehensive comparison of the most common 4x4 rental cars in Iceland. Luggage space, ground clearance, cabin space and more.

Renting a Car in Iceland - The Step By Step Guide

14. Nov 2018 (Updated: 29. Nov 2018)
9 min read
Learn the tips and tricks to having an affordable, reliable and enjoyable rental car experience in Iceland.

Should I Rent a Car in Iceland?

22. Mar 2016 (Updated: 17. Oct 2018)
4 min read
Pros and cons on renting a vehicle for your trip to Iceland. Including information in car rental insurance.

Game of Thrones in Iceland

03. Jan 2016 (Updated: 17. Oct 2018)
4 min read
A quick guide to filming locations for the hit tv show 'Game Of Thrones' in Iceland.