Driving Highland Road F35, Kjölur in Iceland

Rúnar Þór Sigurbjörnsson

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One of the longest of the Icelandic highland roads, Kjölur runs a good stretch from Gullfoss all the way up to route 1 in the vicinity of Blönduós. Kjölur can be traversed in any small 4x4 vehicle and requires no river-fording along the way. This route grants access to the unique Hveravellir, a geothermal area with a hot pool that visitors can bathe in and several high-temperature hot springs that are best viewed from a distance.


Official Name: F35, Kjalvegur.

Known as: Kjölur.

Opening Dates: 5th June (Earliest) or 7th July (Latest).

Length: Approx. 158km.

Driving Time: Approx. 5 hours.

Rivers: No rivers to cross.

Fuel Stations: There is no fuel station on F25.

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About the Area

Both Kjalvegur and Hveravellir serve a historic purpose and have been mentioned in the Icelandic sagas. During the 18th century, an outlaw named Fjalla-Eyvindur made his home in the Hveravellir area, stealing sheep from the nearby pastures to keep himself fed.

Recommended Vehicles:

Medium to large 4X4 vehicles