Restaurant Spotlight - Tommi's Burger Joint

Liam Davies

2 min read

Last night, after a heavy shopping experience at Costco and IKEA, me and my family were trying to decide on what to eat. Now, for some people this can be a quick decision. But not for us!

Firstly, you have the 'You decide' 'No, you decide' stage which brings out the inner child within anyone. Secondly, it's the 'Well what do you fancy?' stage. I hate this stage. There's so much food to choose from! It's the most impossible decision. I WANT EVERYTHING! How can you choose between a burger and fried chicken? You just can't! Finally, it's the argument stage. You can almost guarantee that we will go to the first suggestion, or our 'go-to' place. The conversation always ends in 'Fine, we'll just go to ...'.

All 3 stages were used to great effect in our decision making. But there was one key difference. We didn't end up at our usual regular. We went to the back-up regular: 'Tommi's burger joint'.

Ahhh, the burger joint. Now, before I start talking about 'Tommi's burger joint' I want you to think about those painful memories of seeing a 'best burger in the world' sign, heading into the restaurant, ordering the burger, taking that much anticipated first bite and it just doesn't live up to the expectations! Remember them? Yes! Well, I want you to just completely disregard them and I want you to get your burger faith back. I want you to believe in the burger gods again, because 'Tommi's burger joint' really is THE BEST BURGER IN THE WORLD.

When my partner first took me to this place, I was sceptical. I too had lost faith in the burger gods. But as soon as I took that first bite, all hope in burgermanity was restored. They had done it!

Last night was no exception. I ordered a double burger with bacon, and a side of sweet potato fries. After around 10 minutes, one of the cooks came over with our food. He placed mine in front of me, I slowly began unwrapping the paper around the burger, I raised it to my mouth aaaaaaaaand there it was! That heavenly first bite. Still as great as the first time I tried it.

The burgers are cooked to medium rare, and are oozing with flavour. They have a secret-recipe sauce which gives it a to-die-for taste, and it's topped with crispy bacon, lettuce and a finely sliced tomato.

They first began in Iceland, being opened by owner Tom Tommason. Due to their popularity they now also have restaurants in England, Denmark, Norway and Germany. The best location however, is of course Iceland ;). They have restaurants in the downtown area, Grafarvogur and Hafnafjörður.

I highly recommend you check them out, and you'll see what I'm talking about! You can find them in the downtown area on Bankastræti, or close to the harbour at Geirsgata.