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How to become Icelandic in 60 minutes is written, directed and performed by some of Iceland's most popular comedians and actors. One of the creators...

The Ring Road is a very popular route with tourists due to its relative simplicity and the fact it covers a large number of major attractions here in Iceland.

Information on where to find the cheapest fuel in Iceland. Including locations and company names.

A guide to Keflavik International Airport. Including surrounding attractions, Transport from Keflavik to Reykjavik and more.

07. Feb 2019 | by Liam Davies | 25 min read

Hiking in Iceland

The comprehensive guide to hiking in Iceland. What to bring, where to go, and what to expect from the Iceland mountain ranges.

The positives and negatives of visiting and renting a car in Iceland during the winter season. Tips for budget, experience and safety!

Many of you may have read or heard people talking about their 'Off-road driving' experience in Iceland. Well, they may be lying, confused or due a very big fine...

Updated: 02. Jan 2019 | by Liam Davies | 5 min read

What are F-roads in Iceland?

A comprehensive knowledge base for anything related to the Icelandic F-roads and the highlands. 4x4 travel in Iceland.

Updated: 20. Dec 2018 | by Liam Davies | 4 min read

Do I Need A 4x4 In Iceland?

This is a difficult question to answer, because, it depends on many factors such as weather, road conditions, the driver's preference, the route you plan on goi...

When renting a car, choosing insurance can be one of the biggest headaches. Here in Iceland, there are 2 mandatory insurances: Collision Damage Waiver and Third...