Restaurant Spotlight - Sushi Social

Liam Davies

1 min read

Sushi Social is a popular restaurant located in downtown Reykjavík, it is a 'unique fusion of Japanese and South American cuisine combined with the freshness of Icelandic ingredients'.

I've eaten there, and it is amongst my favourites! Truth is before I moved to Iceland I would never dream of eating sushi. It scared me. Is that weird?... I guess it is. But for my friend's birthday party, we went to Sushi Social.

I was quite hesitant but I was told that they offered more than sushi. So, we get there and I'm thinking "shall I just try the sushi?". So I did! And my god, what a great decision. The food was so delicate and made with such care. The flavours were oozing and the textures were fabulous! I loved every bite.

They offer on their menu the 'Icelandic feast' which is a seven-course meal that includes smoked puffin, minke whale, spotted ling, lamb, gravlax, Icelandic skyr and more. So there is a great variety, including several vegetarian options.

As previously mentioned they also serve food for non-sushi lovers such as octopus, ribs and beef.

I would highly recommend booking a table in advance, or heading to Sushi Social on one of the quieter midweek evenings as it can be very busy on a weekend!

You will find Sushi Social in downtown Reykjavík on Þingholtsstræti, just off of Bankastræti.