Guide to self-drive in Iceland

The Odyssey of Self-Drive: Navigating Iceland’s Vast Vistas with Northbound

Iceland, the North Atlantic’s gleaming gem, isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s an invitation for the soul. Every curve of its rugged terrain and every whisper of its ancient tales beckon travellers to not just witness but to immerse, to engage, to journey. And what better way to heed this call than by steering your own voyage through this ethereal land? Enter the self-drive experience, Iceland's open secret to truly personalized exploration.

Your Journey, Powered by Northbound As you lay the foundation for your Icelandic journey, Northbound serves as your pivotal cornerstone. With our digital platform offering a vast array of vehicles from established rental agencies, we ensure a seamless blend of choice and quality.

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Before Hitting the Roads: A Little Prep Goes a Long Way

  • Know the Rules: While Iceland's traffic rules align largely with international norms, always acquaint yourself with specific regulations, such as mandatory headlights even during the day.

  • Weather Watch: Icelandic weather is famously fickle. Stay updated with forecasts and adjust plans accordingly. In winter, watch for snowstorms and icy conditions.

  • On Your Terms, At Your Pace Your adventure, your timeline. Relish moments as they come, whether that's marvelling at rainbows at Seljalandsfoss or spontaneously joining a local festival.

  • Steering Through a Seamless System Northbound ensures you're never lost in the vast options of car rentals. From budget-friendly hatchbacks to luxurious SUVs, our platform handpicks the best, so you're always in trusted hands.

  • Fuel Up: Gas stations can be sparse in remote areas. Ensure your tank is full before venturing far, and it's wise to refuel once you hit half a tank.

  • Prices On the topic of fueling up, here are current prices; Current Petrol prices are as follows ; Lowest - 274.7kr Highest -327.9kr Current Disel prices are as follows; Lowest - 283.7kr Highest - 328.1kr

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A Glimpse into Iceland's Road Types

  • The Ring Road: This iconic road circles Iceland, offering breathtaking views and easy access to many attractions. While primarily paved, it includes gravel sections, so drive cautiously.

  • F-Roads: Only open during summer and accessible only by 4x4, these highland roads offer rugged beauty but require careful navigation.

  • Tunnels and Tolls: Some tunnels, like the Vaðlaheiði tunnel, have tolls. Ensure you're familiar with the payment methods.

Safety First, Adventure Always While Iceland beckons with its untamed beauty, Northbound emphasizes safety. From 24/7 roadside assistance to in-depth vehicle checks, your security is paramount to us. Remember to keep your suppliers number in hand, since they will be the one to assist you if need arises.

Empowering the Novice Explorer Driving in unfamiliar terrains might seem daunting. But with Iceland’s clear signages, and the warm-hearted locals, every mile becomes a confident stride into the unknown.

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Conclusion: Crafting Your Icelandic Narrative Through Self-Drive

Iceland is a mosaic of natural wonders and centuries-old tales, waiting for fresh stories to be interwoven with its existing lore. Opting for a self-drive expedition through this mesmerizing land means embracing an unscripted adventure, where you become both the storyteller and the main character. With every mile you traverse, you’re handed the quill to chart your own saga, dictated by whim and wonder. Self-driving allows you the freedom to pause, absorb, and deviate from the known path, ensuring your Icelandic story is uniquely yours. Northbound is here to facilitate this journey, ensuring your travels are as smooth as they are memorable. After all, there’s an unmatched thrill in carving out your own path in a land where nature and legend intertwine so beautifully. Experience Iceland on your terms; let the road be your guide and your instincts your compass.