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The Complete Guide to Volcanoes in Iceland

09. Jul 2019 (Updated: 09. Jul 2019)
A detailed look at the most infamous of Iceland's volcanoes, recent eruptions that have rocked the world, geology and the top ten volcanoes in the country.

Snorkeling Between the Continents in Silfra

21. Jul 2019 (Updated: 21. Jul 2019)
9 min read
All the information you need to prepare for a snorkeling adventure in Iceland including what to wear, how to get there, what tours to book and much more.

Weather in Iceland | Everything You Need to Know

08. Aug 2019 (Updated: 08. Aug 2019)
Month by month breakdown for the entire year in Iceland. Average temperatures, best times to visit and what to be prepared for.

Wildlife in Iceland: How and Where to see Puffins, Whales and more in Iceland

06. Jul 2019 (Updated: 06. Jul 2019)
Iceland is home to only one indigenous land mammal. However, Iceland still has a diverse amount of animals, including birds, sea mammals and plenty of other fauna.

The Ultimate Museum Guide to Iceland | History, Art and Science

25. Jun 2019 (Updated: 25. Jun 2019)
28 museums in Iceland you need to visit on your next Icelandic journey. Science exhibits, viking artifacts, whales and wildlife and much more.

Layover in Iceland | The Complete Guide

19. May 2019 (Updated: 19. May 2019)
10 min read
Iceland is a country filled with breathtaking activities and natural wonders to be explored. So whatever the reason for your stopover in Iceland, this article has everything you need to know to make the best of it.

The Ultimate Guide To Keflavik Airport

12. Jan 2018 (Updated: 12. Jan 2018)
7 min read
A guide to Keflavik International Airport. Including surrounding attractions, Transport from Keflavik to Reykjavik and more.