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  • Reykjavik Sailors


    Hlésgata Vesturbrugt F (Old harbour),101 Reykjavík

    Reykjavik Sailors show you the northern ligthts from a whole new perspective, and if there are no northern lights there are always whales.

  • North Sailing


    Húsavík,640 Iceland

    Witness the beauty of the oceans most magnificent creatures with no carbon footprint.

  • Sleipnir Tours Iceland



    Experience the thrill of riding Sleipnir, but with a modern twist: instead of an eight-legged horse, you'll be riding an eight-wheeled glacier bus!

  • Special Tours


    Geirsgata 11, Old Harbour 101 Reykjavik

    Whether you're interested in whale watching, puffin tours, northern lights, whales, or horseback riding Special Tours have something for everyone.