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07. Jan 2020 (Updated: 05. Feb 2021)
Everything you need to know about snorkeling in the Silfra rift at Thingvellir or more places across Iceland. What to expect, what to be aware of and how to book.
30. Dec 2019 (Updated: 05. Feb 2021)
Everything you need to know about the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Where to stay, what tours to do and more than 18 iconic sights to see.
27. Dec 2019 (Updated: 30. Dec 2019)
Learn about the naming conventions of the Icelandic language. How are Icelanders named? What are the naming regulations? How do you pronounce Icelandic names?
20. Dec 2019 (Updated: 05. Feb 2021)
Everything you need to know about the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Budget tips, things to do and what to keep in mind. Written by local former Blue Lagoon staff.
17. Dec 2019 (Updated: 18. Dec 2019)
Read all about money and currency in Iceland. Conversion rates, average prices, tax-free shopping and tons of budget-saving tips!
03. Dec 2019 (Updated: 05. Feb 2021)
Everything you need to know about traveling to Vík in Iceland and visiting the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach. traveler advice, warnings, and recommendations.
05. Nov 2019 (Updated: 02. Dec 2019)
How big is Iceland? Why is Iceland called Iceland? When is the best time to visit Iceland? Find out the answers to all of your burning questions about Iceland.
21. Aug 2019 (Updated: 18. Dec 2019)
A comprehensive guide for everything you need to know when renting a car in Iceland | Where to find the best prices, what to read, when to book and more!
25. Jan 2019 (Updated: 05. Feb 2021)
26 ideas, and more you can do on your Icelandic journey. Glacier expeditions, helicopter tours, caving and hundreds of other .

Landmannalaugar - A brief guide.

29. Aug 2017 (Updated: 17. Oct 2018)
3 min read
A guide to Landmannalaugar, including information on day tours, access to Landmannalaugar and if a 4x4 is required.

Westman Islands Guide

21. Aug 2017 (Updated: 22. Aug 2017)
3 min read
You came to Iceland to experience the beauty of a tiny island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. But what if the ‘Big Island’ is ...

What to see in the North of Iceland...

22. Aug 2017 (Updated: 22. Aug 2017)
4 min read
“Watch the wheels roll to find another place home, while you were sleeping, you bet that i might walk this empty northern hemisphere wide…”...

A Quick Guide to the Icelandic Highlands

16. Aug 2017 (Updated: 22. Aug 2017)
3 min read
The window for reaching them is just a few summer weeks. The road requires nerve and previous experience with 4x4 driving, with possible river crossings. The sc...