The Top 5 Camper Rentals in Iceland | A Detailed 2019 Overview

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The Top 5 Camper Rentals in Iceland | A Detailed 2019 Overview

Iceland is home to a lot of varying campervan rental companies, which often results in a bit of a headache trying to choose the right one. After all, you're not just choosing a rental car, you're choosing a home for the duration of your journey around Iceland. Every company is different in its own way, and some appeal to a certain crowd while others go a different path. With this list, we hope to highlight the select few companies that are performing exceptionally well by providing travelers with a consistently high level of service and experience. This list has been assembled with various different ranking factors including value, service levels, traveler opinions posted on Google, Facebook and other mediums, and verified reviews submitted by Northbound travelers.

Please note: Some of the companies on the list are pure campervan rentals while others are car rentals that offer campervans in their fleet.

1st Place - Go Campers

Founded in 2014 by Benedikt Helgason, Go Campers takes 1st place on the list for an exceptionally strong approach to customer satisfaction and overwhelmingly positive ratings. Go Campers offer a wide selection of different campers such as 2-person mini campers, larger vans for 3-5 people and even fully-kitted 4x4 campers. All of these are designed and built by an in-house team of builders and thinkers, giving them better control over the quality of the interiors. They may not be the cheapest option out there, but Go Campers provides enough value to be worth those few extra krónur.

What Types of Campers do Go Campers Offer?

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What People Say About Go Campers

"Brilliant time touring Iceland in a GO Campers campervan! Excellent service from start to finish. Highly recommended!"

-Dylan, Facebook Reviewer

"We loved our experience with Go Campers and were very impressed by their helpfulness, knowledge, and expertise about the vehicles and traveling throughout Iceland. We would highly recommend them to anyone traveling to Iceland!"

-Rachel, Northbound Reviewer

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2nd Place - CampEasy

A family-run camper van rental, CampEasy comes in second place for their personal touch and easy-going atmosphere. When you show up to pick up your camper, the team at CampEasy will be sure to make you feel more than welcome on your first day in Iceland. With nearly 10 years of camper-building experience, CampEasy places great emphasis on quality in their vehicles, both internally and externally.

What Types of Campers do CampEasy Offer?

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What People Say About CampEasy

"The best way to discover Iceland. We loved our camper, we were never cold at night (although it was lightly snowing). The concept is well-thought-out and adapted to the small space. We found it ideal for the Golden Circle tour, we did not miss anything during the trip. The rental itself was very simple and professional. The guys very friendly and helpful. We need to come back to discover more of Iceland and will do it for sure again with CampEasy."

- Andreas, Facebook Reviewer

"CampEasy was great! They were very friendly, kind, and helpful! The camper van was very cozy, and was a great, convenient way to travel. I highly recommend it and will using them again on my next adventure back!"

-Shannen, Northbound Reviewer

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3rd Place - Star Car Rental

While not a specialized camper rental, Star Car Rental has several different variations of campervans in its fleet and has proven an aptitude for providing reliable camper solutions to travelers. A family-run car rental located only 5 minutes away from the KEF Airport arrival terminal and is, therefore, the perfect choice for those who favor convenience most of all and may not be quite up for a bus ride. It's also worth mentioning that Star Car Rental was the highest rated car rental overall on Northbound in 2018, so you can expect some stellar levels of service and communication.

What Types of Campers do Star Car Rental Offer?

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What People Say About Star Car Rental

"Nothing short of excellent service! Van was in great condition, pickup and delivery was completely hassle free. Even though we had last minute changes to our booking 2 times, they helped us out no questions asked! Would HIGHLY recommend!"

- Romanas, Facebook Reviewer

"First classservice from Star Rental, on arrival everything was so easy and efficient. We drove away in our campervan about 1.5hrs after hitting the runway. Camper had everything we needed and was super efficient on fuel. First class and an amazing way to see an awesome country!!"

- Andrew, Northbound Reviewer

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4th Place - Camping Cars

Not really a camper rental in the traditional sense, Camping Cars specializes in a specific category of campers known as roof tent 4x4s. It's basically a 4x4 with a foldable tent on top, giving you the freedom to travel across Iceland, driving every road, including even the legendary Icelandic mountain roads. It may lack the luxuries of some campervans, but a Camping Car affords you the same sense of freedom and adventure in a more affordable package, and if this is the way you'd like to go, then Camping Cars are the ideal rental to go with.

What Types of Campers do Camping Cars Offer?

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What People Say About Camping Cars

"Renting this car was the best decision I ever made in Iceland. The check-in process was amazing - they picked us up right from the airport and handled all of our needs so well! Camping cars is so professional and courteous and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to really see Iceland. The tents have an amazing memory foam mattress in them and I slept so well every night! Even in pouring rain and strong winds I stayed warm, comfortable, and dry. The canvas would get a little bit wet but always dried really fast in the morning - made camping so easy!"

- Josh, Facebook Reviewer

"I am so happy my husband and I chose Camping Cars. They met us at the airport to bring us to our car. They were also very helpful with giving tips on where to shop and general tips about traveling in Iceland. We will definitely be using Camping Cars again."

- Blaire, Northbound Reviewer

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5th Place - Kuku Campers

A lot can be said about Kuku, but boring ain't of those things. Kuku Campers have a very unique approach to their marketing that may appeal more to younger generations and wilder personalities, but this branding strategy has worked well for them thus far, earning them a seat amongst Iceland's largest camper rentals. They position themselves as a sexy rental with sexy offers, but how's their service? Well, Kuku Campers have a 4,8 rating on Google, 4,8 on Facebook and a 9,2 on Northbound, earning them the sixth place on this list of Iceland's best camper rentals.

What Types of Campers do Kuku Campers Offer?

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What People Say About Kuku Campers

"Planning a road trip to Iceland? The first place to head to is the one and only kukucampers. My girlfriend and I rented a camper van (AA-Automatic) for 10 days and it was an adventure of a lifetime made easy and really smooth thanks to kukucamper's ever-reliable van."

- Randy, Facebook Reviewer

"Kuku Campers is the way to get around Iceland. Incredible staff, awesome vans, and all at an amazing price. These people will give you the info on all the cool spots and things to do, whether it be around the city or across the country. Going with this company made my trip and if I ever repeat will be going with Kuku Campers again."

- Cade, Northbound Reviewer

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